Fiji Travel Guide

Located in the South Pacific, approximately 3 to 4 hours by plane from the east coast of Australia, Fiji is an inviting tropical paradise. From the moment you arrive you will be struck by the natural beauty of the islands but equally moved by the genuine and kind-hearted Fijian people. An ideal holiday destination for families, Fiji is also popular with couples. Any stress just melts away as you explore the stunning beaches, laidback island atmosphere and warm tropical climate. The best time to visit Fiji is between late March and early December when the warm sunny weather is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and exploring the island. Bula (meaning hello in Fijian) is a word you will hear everywhere you go and is always exclaimed with a smile. With 106 of the island's geography permanently populated, Fiji is home to some of the friendliest locals in the world. It’s this welcoming atmosphere and stunning natural beauty that make a holiday to Fiji the experience of a lifetime.

Know Before You Go

Although it's easy to imagine yourself arriving in Fiji and quickly going from the airport to the nearest sunlounge by the pool, cocktail in hand, there are a surprising amount of things you need to know when it comes to holidaying in Fiji. To ensure you have the most enjoyable and relaxing time while on holiday in Fiji, it’s important to be prepared, so we’ve put together all the things you need to know before you go.

Popular Fiji Regions

Fiji Accommodation

Fiji accommodation is as diverse as the 320+ islands that make up this area. There are more than 50 hotels and resorts spread out over the islands ensuring whatever your taste or budget, there is something for you. Most accommodation can be found on Fiji's two largest islands, Vitu Levu and Vanua Levu however there are more scattered throughout the smaller islands. The facilities at each hotel and resort vary as much as the islands themselves. Depending on your particular accommodation, you can enjoy access to day spas, fully equipped gyms and massive lagoon style pools. While some hotels target budget travellers, all are quality accommodation.

Fiji Holiday Packages

Holiday packages to Fiji make booking your trip a breeze. By combining your accommodation, transfers, tours, flights, and meals into a package, not only can you receive significant discounts but you are also free to enjoy your holiday without the stress of planning each and every element. TravelOnline will save you money with our extensive range of Fiji holiday packages which you can choose to customise to suit your particular needs.

Fiji Activities

Fiji has a range of activities to suit everyone and they can be as relaxing or adventurous as you like. Spend your holidays relaxing around the pool and your nights dining in style or strolling along the beach. But if action and adventure is more your style there are plenty of activities to get your pulse racing. Many of the activities revolve around water sports (it is an island after all!) and depending on your skill level you can try your hand at diving, snorkelling, parasailing and golfing. There are so many things to do in Fiji and tours and cruises are also an excellent way to experience the striking beauty of this tropical oasis in comfort and style. The list of activities that resorts have to offer are almost endless so check with your accommodation provider to see what other attractions they offer. If you love the night life (and got to boogie!) there are countless cultural shows, night clubs and bars around the islands where you can work your way through the cocktail list until the wee hours of the morning.

Fiji Weather

Fiji welcomes you with sunny days and a warm tropical climate between late March and early December. This is the best time to visit, however maximum temperatures sit between 26 °C and 31 °C year round so Fiji is definitely thongs and shorts weather. A refreshing trade wind blows from the east south-east and will keep even the most active visitors cool, so whether you're climbing a village walk or tearing it up with a 4WD tour it's no sweat! Fiji weather does experience a wet season during November to April however these brief, heavy showers are localised. As a tropical island, the wet season is a vital part of Fiji's climate and is responsible for the lush environment and plant life that is so plentiful there. Cyclones do occur in Fiji but are normally confined to the wet season.

Getting to Fiji

Located 3 to 4 hours by plane from Australia’s east coast, getting to Fiji is easy and affordable thanks to a great range of cheap flights available on board Fiji Airways and Virgin Australia, direct from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Connecting flights also operate out of major Australian cities. Private car, coach, water taxi, Malolo Cat, launch transfers, seaplane and helicopter transfers are all available from the Nadi International Airport or Denarau Marina. Transfer times vary between the airport and other popular holiday destinations such as Denarau, the Coral Coast and the surrounding islands, with transfer times ranging from 25 minutes up to 3 hours.