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Cruise Fiji

Discover the best of what Fiji has to offer as you navigate its crystal-clear waters in style onboard a Fiji island cruise. With trips around the Mamanuca and Yasawa Island Groups, TravelOnline offers a curated selection of stunning multi-day cruises around the Fiji islands that are guaranteed to impress.

There is truly no better way to explore the tropical atolls and striking volcanic outcrops of this South Pacific archipelago than by cruising around the Fiji islands onboard a small luxury cruise ship. Explore our range of thoughtfully curated Fiji island cruises, and set sail on your next adventure!

Our Small Ship Cruise Packages

If you find larger cruise ships overwhelming, or if you're seeking a more laidback, intimate way of exploring the islands, then check out our Fiji cruise packages. Booking through TravelOnline means you gain access to uninhabited islands, private beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and more, all aboard a small ship cruise around the Fiji islands.


3 Night Yasawa Explorer Cruise

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Begin each morning with a refreshing swim and a new destination to explore. Discover the stunning South Pacific culture and natural attractions, visiting traditional villages and sites and snorkelling the crystal waters.

Captain Cook Ship

3 Night Southern Yasawa Islands Cruise

Captain Cook Cruises

Visit the Southern Yasawa Islands and discover abundant coral reefs that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Visit pristine beaches and glimpse the stunning marine life from the comfort of a glass bottom boat.


4 Night Yasawa Wanderer Cruise

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Enjoy value for money with this leisurely cruise that includes all meals and activities. Snorkel among colourful coral and tropical marine life, relax on the beach and enjoy the breathtaking tropical scenery.


4 Night Northern Yasawa Island Cruise

Captain Cook Cruises

This northern islands cruise takes in some of Fiji's most remote islands and sheltered bays. Enjoy intimate access to vibrant coral reefs, traditional Fijian culture and soft white sand beaches.


7 Night Escape to Paradise Cruise

Blue Lagoon Cruises

With plenty of time to snorkel and swim, break up your days with visits to a local shell market and gain an insight into traditional Fijian culture with songs and dances performed just for you.

Snorkel Tivua

7 Night Yasawa Islands Cruise

Captain Cook Cruises

A fantastic cruise that takes in the highlights of Fiji, this 7 nighter visits popular attractions including the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and Raymond Burr's Orchid Garden with the option to sail on a tall ship.

Why Choose a Small Ship Cruise?

Rather than spending days at sea onboard a conventional cruise ship, small ship cruising offers a more intimate, authentic travelling experience, where you're out exploring a new island every day. With the ability to dock at more secluded destinations, small-ship cruises allow passengers to discover hidden gems, explore unspoiled natural landscapes, and experience the local culture away from larger crowds. This allows for a more immersive and rewarding travel experience.

At TravelOnline, our cruises around the Fiji islands offer all the onboard facilities of a traditional cruise, with the ease, convenience, and value for money of a small ship cruise. With 3, 4, and 7-night options that include accommodation, meals, and plenty of tours and activities, with our Fiji cruises, you can set your watch to 'island time' and make memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Experience Fiji, Tailored To You

Cruising around Fiji aboard a small ship offers a diverse range of activities and attractions to cater to every traveller, meaning your time here can be as relaxing or adventure-filled as you like. Regardless of what type of traveller you are, you'll be amazed by the crystal clear waters, secluded palm-fringed beaches, and vibrant coral reefs of some of Fiji's most spectacular islands.

With our Fiji cruise packages, you can bask in the sun at some of Fiji's most secluded beaches, enjoy a soothing massage on board, or experience the Fijian culture with a visit to the local village. Alternatively, if adventure is your middle name, you'll also enjoy our small ship Fiji cruises, with a range of water sports (including snorkelling, scuba diving, and parasailing), guided tours, and more.

From enjoying sunset drinks onboard to snorkelling with manta rays, taking a guided tour of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, and everything in between, our Fiji cruises have something for everyone.