Norfolk Island Travel Guide

Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is an historic paradise offering a relaxed way of life and a tight knit yet friendly local community. Just 35 square kilometres in size, the island enjoys 32km of stunning coastline and evokes a sense of being completely isolated from the rest of the world. A lush island renowned for its jagged cliffs, sand beaches and towering pine trees, Norfolk's English ancestry is still represented by its heritage buildings and colonial architecture. A popular holiday destination to escape the bustle of daily life, Norfolk Island doesn't have ports, harbours, railways or even major roads. Instead, the island is covered with 80km of laneways which make getting around easily and cows still have right of way on the island.

Norfolk Island Accommodation

Despite its 'sleepy' status and small size, Norfolk Island has a surprising number of accommodation options with the usual hotel and motel style accommodation located in the town centre and a number of excellent apartment style and B&B accommodation options located along the coastline and up in the hills. All accommodation enjoys easy access to a range of shopping and dining options and is close to activities and attractions including historical ruins, beaches and pine forests.

Norfolk Island Tours

Norfolk is an island of history, mystery, culture and intrigue and there are a number of interesting and entertaining tours available to explore, educate and inspire. Whether the historic convict settlements excite you or the mysterious fate of Fletcher Christian and the Mutiny on the Bounty spikes your curiosity, there's a tour designed for you. Norfolk Island also boasts an outstanding range of arts and crafts, cooking, bushwalking and nature tours so there's sure to be something for everyone.

Norfolk Island Packages

Let planning your trip be as relaxing as your holiday itself with a fantastic range of Norfolk Island holiday packages designed to save you time and money. By combining all of your travel needs into one discounted package, you can not only enjoy significant savings you can also benefit from a number of added extras including free nights, room upgrades, transfers, breakfasts, hotel vouchers and more. Simply book your flights, accommodation, travel insurance and tours together and choose from an excellent range of bonuses.

Norfolk Island Facts

Located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, Norfolk Island is renowned for its pine trees and this symbol is also the feature on the territory's flag. Norfolk Island is home to more than 170 native plants, and is a breeding ground for several types of sea birds. Despite its colonial history, not all Norfolk ancestors are English, in fact some were Polynesian and this influence is still strong in the local cuisine and the hula dance today.