Norfolk Island Scenic Walks & Drives

Breakfast Bushwalk

Norfolk Island is home to a wide range of spectacular scenic walks and drives and with car hire so affordable and readily available, it's easy to explore the best of the island.

Your "must-do" Scenic Walk

Often enjoyed in small groups, this scenic walk begins at Mount Pitt and finishes at Captain Cook's Monument and undertaking it with a number of people means that designated drivers can deliver the car to the walk's end. Pack a picnic basket and you can enjoy a leisurely lunch before reversing roles, however if you can't manage to coordinate this, you can arrange for a taxi to drop you off at the start and pick you up at the finish.

On your way to the summit you'll pass points of interest including a small and sometimes tricky to spot sign identifying 'Hollow Pine'. About 50m from the road you'll find the revered giant that dates as far back as the 1600s and, as legend has it, was the home of escaped convict Barney Duffy for seven years. As the story goes, Duffy was hiding out inside the hollow until he was caught by three troopers. Upon his arrest, Duffy cursed the troopers to a violent death within the week of his hanging. Amazingly, just two days after the hanging of Duffy, his three captors were killed by a freak wave off Headstone Point.

When you reach the summit, you will appreciate the effort as you will be rewarded with the amazing view of being surrounded by two million square km of ocean on the only land mass of any size.

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A Drive of Scenic Delights

Beginning at Burnt Pine, travel via Queen Elizabeth Avenue to Stockyard Road and then take Marsh's Road to Ball Bay. Here you'll see the remains of a collapsed ancient volcano. Head back to the junction and then take Martin's Road, arriving in Buck's Point for picturesque views of Ball Bay and Phillip Island. Backtracking to Stockyard Road, take Two Chimney's Road all the way to the end. Stretch your legs with a walk down the left side of 'The Nest' which takes you right out to the point where dramatic seascapes are bordered by rivers of petrified volcanic rock. Heading back once again to Middlegate Junction, go north along Cascade Road to see typical Island homes surrounded by ancient palms. In total, the drive should take you about two hours, or three if you decide to do the walk.

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