Norfolk Island Beaches

Norfolk Island - Norfolk Island Tourism

As an island, Norfolk is home to a number of lovely beaches and its mild, sub-tropical climate mean conditions for enjoying them are pleasant year round. The 32km of Norfolk Island's coastline is home to a few sheltered beaches nestled at the base of high cliffs, with Slaughter and Emily Bay offering easier access and some of the best swimming and surfing options. The weather is enjoyable from October to May however it's from December to April that the beaches are at their best.

Emily Bay

Protected by a reef off Lone Pine headland, Emily Bay is the island's safest swimming spot. Renowned as one of the safest beaches in the world, the bay's crystal clear waters are protected from the southern ocean and breakers. Home to a pontoon, it's the perfect spot to relax when you're not in the water. A calm spot to try your hand at snorkelling, Emily Bay is particularly popular with families thanks to its ease of access, pontoon and calm waters.

Emily Bay - Norfolk Island Tourism

Slaughter Bay

A popular spot for those more interested in water activities, Slaughter Bay offers fantastic snorkelling on a calm day when the waters are steady. There is an abundant range of marine life located on the reef with vibrant tropical fish often spotted among the coral. If the swell picks up then the waves often provide nice surfing conditions on the reef.

Flagstaff Hill - Norfolk Island Tourism

Anson Bay

Located at the base of one of Norfolk Island's steep cliff faces, Anson Bay is one of the island's most spectacular beaches however its position makes it more secluded and less accessible than some of the other popular beaches on the island. Although the walk down to the beach can be a little precarious, once you reach the beach you will more than likely be able to enjoy it all to yourself. Great for exploring, Anson Bay also gets some decent waves for surfing. The shore drops rapidly into deep water so swimmers should take care.

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