Bali Travel Guide

Renowned for its famous surf beaches, rich culture, bargain shopping and vibrant nightlife Bali is a favourite holiday destination for all kinds of travellers. There are so many regions to explore, each as unique and varied as the next and the warm and hospitable locals are eager to share their island with you. With a wide range of holiday experiences throughout the island, this is one destination that can provide a fantastic time for families, couples, groups and young travellers.

Bali Attractions

There are so many Bali tours and attractions that there's sure to be something to interest everyone. The stunning island location means beach activities are high on the list including surfing, wakeboarding and swimming. However the fun doesn't stop there, there's also plenty of shops and markets to explore and pick up a bargain or authentic Balinese treasure. The nightlife is a major attraction for many visitors and the bustling bars, clubs and restaurants are a fun place to party into the wee hours. For those who just want to relax, most resorts offer a range of guest activities including golf, motorised and non-motorised water sports and spa treatments.

Popular Bali Regions

Bali Accommodation

There is a range of Bali accommodation to suit every traveller; however Bali's reputation for budget holiday accommodation makes it a popular option for affordable holidays. For travellers who prefer to holiday in style, Bali also caters to luxury resorts, villas and hotels. With a wide range of accommodation options ranging from 5 star hotels, resorts, and private villas right down to budget options for backpackers and families, Bali is the easily affordable holiday destination of choice.

Bali Weather & Climate

Bali's weather is gorgeous all year round. As it's close to the equator, the temperature generally remains between 25 - 28 degrees. While the weather is generally always pleasant, the recommended time to visit Bali is between June and October as the other months tend to experience more humidity, wind and rain due to seasonal weather patterns.

Bali Packages

Bali Holiday Packages are a great way to enjoy this affordable holiday destination at an even cheaper price! By bundling compatible additions to your accommodation including meals, transfers, tours and flights you save even more allowing you to stay longer or upgrade for some real pampering. Existing packages can also be customised to suit your individual needs.

Bali Facts

Part of Indonesia, Bali is a popular island holiday destination for travellers worldwide due to its affordable nature. Bali's population is three and a half million and the most prevalent religion is Hinduism. Hinduism is followed by 93% of the populace with much of the remaining population being Muslim. Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is located in the south, with Bali's southern region home to most of the more popular holiday destinations all of which are within easy reach of Bali's International Airport. More Bali traveller information