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Bali Travel Guide

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Welcome to Bali

Just 4 hours from Australia's west coast lies the alluring tropical island of Bali. A vast landscape of volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, coastlines and coral reefs, Bali is unlike anywhere else on earth. Take an adventure to that magic place where surging surf breaks meet sun-kissed shores and discover the alluring island lifestyle that is simply paradise.

Beyond the incredible natural landscapes, it's the superior standard of accommodation that makes Bali the definitive island holiday destination. From the bustling streets of Kuta to the laid back island of Lombok, Bali offers visitors everything from 5 star luxury resorts, romantic beachfront villas, family friendly hotels and everything in between.

Spend your days exploring the enduring Balinese culture through a range of insightful tours that visit spectacular temples, uncover local rituals and the traditional harmonious ways of life. Discover Bali's spectacular coastline through a variety of outdoor pursuits and exciting attractions that are guaranteed to impress. Whether you're seeking a relaxing island escape, or thrilling cultural adventure, Bali is the ultimate holiday destination.

Know Before You Go

Welcome to our straightforward, no nonsense guide detailing all you need to know about visiting the tropical island of Bali. From flight prices and car hire queries to frequently asked questions like do I need a passport and visa? Let us help answer all your essential travel questions and let you plan your holiday with ease.

General - Know Before You Go - Tropical

Before You Go FAQs

Everything you need to know for planning your next Bali holiday. From entry requirements to car hire queries, find all the info here.

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Best Time To Visit Bali

Plan your trip around holiday priorities and what matters to you. This is our guide to the best times to visit Bali according to popular holiday interests.


Getting To Bali

Explore our great range of flights and cruises from Australia's major cities to discover how you can escape to the tropical island of Bali.


Flights To Bali

Everything you need to know about flying to beautiful Bali, including essential info on the major airlines and routes. Search your next holiday here.

Bali Hotels & Packages

Discover the unbeatable selection of world class resorts and hotels across the island of Bali. Our expertly curated holiday packages allow visitors to bundle together travel essentials like flights, accommodation and travel insurance with bonus extras like tours, transfers and spa treatments to create an unforgettable holiday. From the stunning shores of Seminyak, to the remote islands and vibrant city centers, explore tropical Bali with the hospitality of the islands favourite resorts, villas and tour operators.

Popular Bali Hotels

Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Highlight: Kids Club, Day Spa

Padma Resort Legian
Padma Resort Legian

Highlight: Kids Club, Day Spa

Away Bali Legian Camakila
Away Bali Legian Camakila

Highlight: Kids Club, Day Spa

The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas
The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas

Highlight: Kids Club, Day Spa

Nusa Dua
Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak
Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak

Highlight: Day Spa, Restaurants

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa
Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa

Highlight: Kids Club, Day Spa


Top Bali Holiday Packages

Bali Region Info & Guides

Located just a short flight from Australia's west coast, Bali is an enchanting destination that continues to impress all who grace it's tropical shores. Discover all you need to know about the magical island of Bali, from comprehensive region guides and inspiring cultural facts, to a detailed weather forecast. Find your holiday inspiration in our magnificent collection of Bali imagery and discover the fascinating history of Bali and how it came to be. Welcome to your ultimate Bali region guide.


Regions of Bali

Discover our in-depth Bali destination guides, with all you need to know about where to visit, what to do, where to stay and how to find the best holiday packages.

Bali Map [HD]

Bali Map

Find your perfect Bali destinations and plan your holiday with ease with our map of regions, popular resorts and points of interest across the island of Bail.

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Bali Weather

Discover all you need to know about Bali's weather and tropical climate and determine how weather trends will effect your holiday. Consult our monthly temperature guide and rainfall chart as you plan your Bali adventure.

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Bali Photos & Videos

Explore the stunning island of Bali with this inspiring collection of images guaranteed to provide plenty of holiday inspiration. Discover the picturesque palm fringed shores and verdant jungles this island is renowned for.

Things To Do In Bali