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Best Time To Visit Bali

The best time to visit Bali is between May to August for optimal tropical conditions without the holiday crowds. However Bali is an ideal destination to visit year round with warm tropical weather averaging 27 °C, stunning scenery and endless opportunities for adventure. The weather is warm and tropical all year so there is really no bad time to visit. Of course depending on what you want to do while you're in Bali and the kind of holiday you want to have, the best time to visit may differ. There are a number of influences when deciding the best time to visit Bali including school holiday crowds, weather, pricing and the ideal conditions for popular activities such as surfing.


When is the most popular time to visit Bali?

Early July until the end of August is usually the most popular time to visit Bali with many Australians and New Zealanders travelling during their winter school holidays. Christmas and New Years are also particularly busy periods, with many visitors taking a break during the summer holidays in the Southern Hemisphere. These peak seasons are typically the busiest and most expensive, as the dry season means far less chance of rain, attracting the majority of the holiday crowds.

What is the cheapest time to visit Bali?

October through to March is the cheapest time to visit Bali as this is the off-peak season meaning there are an excellent range of low season deals to take advantage of. If you're travelling as a family, you may not have much choice but to travel in the more expensive school holiday periods however if you're able to be more flexible with your travel dates, the off-peak season is a more affordable time to visit and best suit to couples wishing to enjoy a romantic holiday or honeymoon.

When is the best weather in Bali?

Bali's best weather is from May to October when there is plenty of sunshine, less rainfall and the oceans are generally cleaner. As a tropical destination, Bali's weather is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate where the summer months of November to April receive high amounts of humidity and rain. Although this adds to the tropical ambiance and ensures the country's famous lush vegetation, the dry season is typically a more pleasant time to visit.

When is the best time to surf in Bali?

The best time to surf in Bali is from April to October on the west coast and November to March on the east coast. Although Bali offers fantastic surfing all year round, some hot spots perform better under different weather conditions. Unsurprisingly, the dry season is more popular for surfing but is also the most crowded.

Does Bali have any festivals or events?

The rich culture of Bali offers a number of vibrant festivals and events throughout the year. The biggest of all is Bali New Years Eve which is highly celebrated by the locals and tourists. Bali comes alive with fireworks, music, dancing, food and festivities making it a truly memorable holiday experience. One of Bali's more surprising events is the Negara Bull Races, where extravagantly decorated bulls and chariots race against each other around a 3km dirty circuit. The race generally occurs to around July to commemorate the end of the rice harvest.

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