Singapore Flights

Singapore Skyline at Sunset

Singapore flights are available from a number of different air carriers, both Australian airlines as well as international carriers. These include Virgin Australia, Qantas, Emirates, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar and of course, Singapore Airlines. Direct flights are available from most Australian capital cities on board airlines such as Qantas and Emirates & Singapore Airlines

Located 6,227km northwest of Australia, Singapore flights take approximately 8 hours, depending on which capital city you depart from. Singapore flights departing from Australia are considered long haul flights and as such, offer a greater amount of baggage and on board inclusions such as entertainment and meals. Each airline has its own carry on and checked baggage restrictions and limitations however the below is an overview on the baggage allowances for some of the major airlines that offer flights to Singapore.

Virgin Australia: Carry-on baggage of two pieces up to 7kg is permitted, while checked baggage allows between 1 piece up to 23kg and 2 pieces up to 32kg each depending on your cabin class.

Qantas: Up to two pieces of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 7kg is allowed, while checked baggage permits vary depending on cabin class but usually include either 1 piece weighing up to 23kg or 2 pieces weighing 32kg each.

Thai Airways: No more than 7kg of carry-on baggage is permitted, while checked baggage allows a total of 10kg to 40kg depending on your cabin class and age of person occupying seat.

Malaysia Airlines: Carry-on of up to 7kg is permitted with an additional 5kg also allowed for infants while checked baggage ranges from a total of 20kg to 40kg with an additional 10kg permitted for infants requiring a stroller, car seat, carrycot, etc.

Singapore Airlines: Cabin baggage of 1 item up to 7kg or 2 items of 7kg each is permitted, depending on your cabin class while checked baggage is limited to between 20kg to 40kg again, depending on your cabin class.

Emirates: Depending on your cabin class, carry-on of either 1 piece up to 7kg or 2 pieces up to 12kg is permitted while cabin baggage is restricted to between 30kg to 50kg.

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