Thailand Travel Guide

Once a backpacker hotspot, the golden hue that radiates from Thailand’s tropical beaches and glittering temples is now drawing all types of travellers to its friendly shores. An exotic and fun-loving destination, Thailand is both cultured and historic and brings together modern cities with lush green rice paddies, rural villages and some of the most incredibly clear blue water you’ve ever seen. From the forests of the north to the limestone cliffs of the south, Thailand offers something for everyone.

Thailand Accommodation

Thailand's accommodation is as diverse as its landscape and offers luxury resorts, family friendly stays, budget hotels and everything in between. Always conveniently located close to beautiful beaches, dining and entertainment hotspots as well as the action of tourist hubs like the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand accommodation caters for all tastes and budgets offering something for everyone.

Top Thailand Holiday Regions


Thailand's legacy to its rich cultural history are the impressive monuments that are scattered across the country. These fascinating temples and shrines are surrounded by stunning gardens and are popular with tourists from far and wide. Thailand enjoys a beautiful natural environment making jungle treks, wildlife park tours and scenic water cruises a popular way of exploring the region. Thailand is also famous for its shopping, dining and entertainment with local markets, nightclubs and local cultural ceremonies providing an entertaining and unique insight into the region's culture.

Thailand Packages

Thailand holiday packages have become increasingly popular as a way of securing affordable deals without sacrificing quality or the little extras that make your holiday something special. Usually inclusive of flights, accommodation and transfers, you can customise your very own Thailand holiday package to include extras such as tours, meals, travel insurance and much more.

Thailand Facts

Thailand is Southeast Asia's only nation not to be colonised by Europeans and is home to the 'bridge over the river Kwai' known from the prisoner of war incidents during WWII. Thailand's national religion is predominantly Buddhism however many other beliefs are present including Hinduism and Animism.