Thailand Attractions

Thailand is the jewel of Southeast Asia and offers an insight into the exotic Thai culture, while still enjoying plenty of Western comforts. Also known as the Land of Smiles, Tourist attractions in Thailand range from off-the-beaten path adventures to beautiful beaches, fascinating mountain villages and the intricate and unique culture and customs of ancient temples and historic ruins. Full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Thailand attractions are as diverse as the country’s landscape, offering enjoyable and interesting experiences for all travellers.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok: The capital of Thailand, Bangkok offers plenty to see and do however if you’re pressed for time, the one thing you must see is the Grand Palace. Bangkok’s top attraction, the Palace is of great historical significance and is also a shining example of the incredible craftsmanship the Thai’s are known for. The Palace is a maze of temples, royal halls and ancient relics including Wat Phra Kaeo, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. In order to do this Thailand attraction justice, allow a few hours to take it all in.
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Historic City of Ayutthaya, Bangkok: If you have a little more time to explore, it’s well worth the short bus or train trip from Bangkok out to the historic city of Ayutthaya. Offering a glimpse of the glory of the former capital of Thailand, this ancient city features haunting yet romantic ruins, old palaces and temples. Several foreign settlements also show the kind of influence other countries had at the time. While this Thailand attraction can be seen in a day, to really soak up the incredible history you can spend a few days here tour the city both old and new.

White Temple, Chiang Rai: Located northern Thailand, the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) is an unconventional yet spectacular combination of Buddhist temple and art exhibit. Famous for its intricate details, the temple is also iconic for its distinctive design elements such as the Ubosot, Bridge of the Cycle of Rebirth, the Golden Building and the Gate of Heaven.
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Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai: Foodies will find heaven at the Sunday Night Walking Street markets in Chang Mai. Sample an array of delicious street vendors offer everything from crab cakes and samosas to chicken satay, pad thai, sweet rotees, fried bananas and fresh tropical fruit shakes – all typically for $2 or less. Once you’ve sated your appetite, there are also heaps of stalls to browse selling a variety of unique goods including essential oils and incense, natural soap, wall hangings, paintings, hand-dyed textiles, musical instruments and more.

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai: A majestic mountain overlooking the north of Thailand, Doi Suthep is also home to the best-known temple in Chiang Mai. Set atop the mountain, this famous wat features a jaw-dropping array of intricate religious carvings as well as impressive views of Chiang Mai city. Visitors to the temple are also able to observe monks and devout Buddhist followers in worship rituals if they time their visit right. Although the staircase to the temple is steep, it’s worth the hike and there are vendors at the base of the stairs selling everything from bottled water and local cuisine to handmade goods, elephant carvings, masks and more.