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Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket town is a historically rich region and peaceful escape from the bustling streets from Patong. The old town is a testament to Phuket's past where you will find temples, shrines, quaint cafes and pastel coloured shop houses that provide lovely photo opportunities. At night the houses are illuminated by colourful lighting effects which transform the street from a traditional village to technological vintage splendour.


A completely different vibe to Phuket's resort villages, the Old Town was built on the riches reaped from the booming tin industry of the last century. Back then, metal was a very sought after commodity and extremely valuable. The town was the centre of the fastest-growing industry that attracted workers and miners from all over the world. In the main town, you can see the magnificent mansions that once occupied Phuket's tin barons, many decades ago.

The major attraction within Old Town Phuket is the Phuket Walking Street. Known to the locals as Lardya Talaad ya, meaning 'big market' in Thai, the market has been operating for six years and sells an abundance of handicrafts, clothing, traditional medicine and sports equipment. Held on Saturday afternoons from 4:00pm to 10:00pm, the market also sells a great range of local cuisine and delicacies. The most popular food items are barbequed chicken, squid and pork as well as delicious fruit juices, smoothies and Thai deserts. If you prefer to visit a restaurant in the Old Town, the market is surrounded by a great range of places to dine, including bars and cafes.

Not far from Phuket Walking Street lies the Jui Tui Shrine. A popular Chinese temple, the Jui Tui Shrine is a spiritual place of worship for many locals and features colourful statues depicting Chinese gods. The shrine also features a fortune basket where visitors can shake a bamboo cup until a stick drops and reveals their fortune. This interactive attraction is very popular and allows visitors to develop a strong connection with the temple and take a piece of Thailand home with you.

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