Warm and welcoming, Vanuatu holidays promise a rare experience. In this tropical archipelago, modern holiday resorts are contrasted against an enduring ancient culture. Pristine beaches meet lush rainforest which rises up to rugged mountain peaks. Within these hills traditional villages protect a unique way of life.

In Vanuatu, you can spend your morning exploring the mist-covered hills by 4WD and be lazing by the pool with a cocktail by the afternoon. Vanuatu is the kind of place where you can live the adventure, but if relaxing by the pool is more your style, then that’s perfectly ok too. Visit an active volcano, discover an underwater wonderland with world-class reef diving and snorkelling or simply relax and slip into island time.

Flights to Vanuatu depart almost every day of the week and being just a few hours by air from the east coast of Australia, it is one of our most accessible Pacific Island neighbours. Every day is a holiday in Vanuatu and adjusting to island life isn’t hard at all, although there are some things you’ll need to get used to. For example, everyone operates on ‘island time’ and getting around isn’t always as simple as hailing a taxi.

Beach shacks might stand right next to luxury accommodation but this is all part of Vanuatu’s charm. Don’t stress though, we can help steer you in the right direction. In fact, TravelOnline can take care of everything for you. Our Vanuatu holiday packages offer some great deals and take the hassle out of planning and booking your trip. So forget about your troubles and discover what matters in Vanuatu. The smiling locals welcome you to their island paradise.

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Know Before You Go

Vanuatu is renowned as a tropical island holiday hot spot and the perfect place to kick back and relax. However there's still a lot of consider when it comes to planning your trip to Vanuatu, and we're not just talking about which cocktail to try next. We've put together some of the most important information you need to know before you go to Vanuatu. From how to get around the island to the best time to visit, travel insurance and currency - we've answered all your most common questions.

Before You Go

Before You Go FAQs

A holiday to Vanuatu seems like a simple and relaxing experience and while that is certainly the case, there are still some things you need to know in order to have the most enjoyable time. We've answered some of the most common questions our customers ask to prepare you for a fantastic, tropical island holiday.

Best Time to Visit Vanuatu

Best Time to Visit Vanuatu

There really is no bad time to visit Vanuatu, it's a stunning holiday destination all year round. However the 'best time' to visit Vanuatu is either the earlier, wetter months of the year when tourist trade is slow and there are some great deals to be had or between April and October when the weather is at its best.

Getting to Vanuatu

Getting to Vanuatu

Getting to Vanuatu is easy; the stunning tropical island is just a 4 hour plane ride from the east coast of Australia. International visitors arrive in Port Vila, gateway to the main island of Efate. Taxis and shuttles offer transfers to a number mainland resorts, with various transfer options also available to Tanna Island and Espiritu Santo.

Flights to Vanuatu

Flights to Vanuatu

There are a number of major airlines that fly the 4 hours between Australia and Vanuatu including Air Vanuatu and Virgin Australia. Departing Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, these flights to Vanuatu arrive at Bauerfield Airport in Port Vila. We’ll help you find the best price on airfares for the most convenient time to fly.

Vanuatu Hotels & Packages

Most Vanuatu hotels are located on the main island of Efate with the rest situated near the famous active volcano of Tanna Island and the diving hot spots of Espiritu Santo. You’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience no matter where you stay and Vanuatu holiday packages are the ideal way to experience the island’s beauty and culture. Take the stress out of planning and booking your holiday by combining everything from flights and accommodation to transfers, tours and more and save with a holiday package.

Popular Vanuatu Resorts

Aquana Beach Resort
Aquana Beach Resort Rating: 4

Highlight: Kids Club, Restaurants

Breakas Beach Resort
Breakas Beach Resort Rating: 3.5

Highlight: Diving, Day Spa

Hideaway Island Resort
Hideaway Island Resort Rating: 3.5

Highlight: Diving, Golf

Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu Rating: 4

Highlight: Golf, Kids Club

Nasama Resort
Nasama Resort Rating: 4

Highlight: Restaurants

Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu
Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu Rating: 4.5

Highlight: Golf, Kids Club


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Vanuatu Region Info & Guides

Created by thousands of years of volcanic activity, the stunning archipelago of Vanuatu roughly translates in the native language to mean 'Land Eternal'. There is much to learn about Vanuatu that will help you to more fully experience the destination including Vanuatu’s enduring culture, rich history, native language and traditional arts and crafts. Vanuatu attracts all kinds of holidaymakers to soak up its gorgeous tropical weather and romantic landscapes which are also popular with couples, honeymooners and weddings.

Regions of Vanuatu

Regions of Vanuatu

Although the archipelago of Vanuatu is comprised of 83 islands in total, most are uninhabited or inaccessible to visitors. The main tourist regions of Vanuatu are the main island of Efate as well as Tanna Island and Espiritu Santo, each offering pristine beaches, lush jungle, natural harbours and colourful coral cays.

Vanuatu Location Map

Vanuatu Location Map

Located approximately 4 hours northeast of Sydney, Vanuatu is a ‘Y’ shaped archipelago situated in the Coral Sea. There is a wide range of accommodation and attractions that span the 1300km north to south across the islands. Familiarise yourself with the layout of the island and use this map as a reference point for planning your holiday.

Vanuatu Sunset

Vanuatu Weather

Vanuatu is renowned for its beautiful subtropical climate with what seems like endless sunshine, clear blue skies and mild temperatures. Vanuatu's weather is enjoyable almost all year round with only a few months of the whole year characterised by a cooler, drier climate.

Aore Island Resort

Vanuatu Photos & Videos

Take a stunning tour of the islands of Vanuatu through our online media gallery. Explore beautiful beaches, natural attractions and resorts on Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna Islands. Gain an insight into the beauty you can expect with a curated selection of images and videos from our tourism partners.