Vanuatu Diving

Vanuatu is renowned for some of the best diving in the world. The crystal waters and spectacular reefs offer dive sites and attractions for all skill levels. The President Coolidge is one of the most sought after dives in the world and is located off the island of Espiritu Santo. Recommended for experienced divers only, you should allow several days to explore this attraction.

There are many dive sites within 30 minutes of the nation's capital, Port Vila run by quality dive operators.


Port Vila Dive Sites

Twin Bombies: The sheer wall and two 'bombora' formations are an impressive sight while the grottos and coral are teeming with colourful tropical fish. 10 m on top of the reef to 18 metres over the drop-off.

Fila Island Reef: Explore live coral and small tropical fish just 15 minutes from the dive base. Depth is 6 to 15 m.

Lacksands Reef and Caves: Discover interlocking caves and swim through tunnels that honeycomb the reef with a variety of fish and rays on the sandy bottom. Depth is 8 to 14 m.

Mele Reef: A large reef rising in the middle of Mele Bay with many great dive sites including a vertical wall finishing with a shallow reef. 6m from the surface.

Cathedral: A vast cavern off the Pango Peninsula where shafts of light create unusual effects. Swim up a 'chimney' to a large pool then back out to the wall. Depth 26 m.

Ollies Lolly: Fantastic photo opportunities at this large bommie featuring hard and soft corals and large and small tropical fish near Hideaway Island. Depth 9 m.

Konanda: The ideal introduction to wreck diving, a 45m Island Trader set on the flat sandy bottom with derricks and rigging reaching 10m from the surface. Entry to cabins and holds is safe. 26m.

Star of Russia: A grand old sailing ship 80m long and 13 m wide sunk in Port Vila Harbour with diveable body, masts, bow, rudder and anchor machinery. Depth 33m.

Tasman: A dive with a difference, explore the Qantas S23 Sandringham bulk plane with a wingspan of +33m. Begin at the tail and dive all the way out the cockpit. Depth 40m.

Semle Federsen: A cargo vessel and excellent build up dive to the President Coolidge, divers can see a range of plants and animals in the stern, cabin and wheelhouse. The whole sheep can be seen from the mooring line. Depth 40m visibility up to 60m.

Tukutuku Caverns: A large dive site with many caverns, swim throughs and lace corals. Appropriate for all skill levels it would take 2-3 dives to see all the caverns. 25 minutes from Vaughani Shores, this is a particularly popular night dive site.

VTO - Santo Wreck Diving

Espiritu Santo Dive Sites

SS President Coolidge: Sunk in 1942 by a friendly mine, this WWII troop ship was once a luxury liner and offers clear, calm waters ideal for diving. With a max depth of 20-70m you could dive it 10 times and still not see all of it. Plenty of fish and colourful coral await.

Million Dollar Point: A WWII dumping ground for jeeps, trucks, bulldozers and aero engines, this fascinating site showcases coral-encrusted remnants of war equipment and the small salvage vessel and island trader El Retiro. A must see on any Vanuatu dive holiday – max depth of 40m.

USS Tucker: Sank and split by a US mine in 1942, this former destroyer stretches for 100m and offers open bulkheads, portholes and interesting swim-throughs. Gun mounts and turrets are covered in spectacular coral and batfish, cod, angle fish, coral trout and sweet lip abound. Max depth is 20m with visibility normally around 40-50m.

MV Henry Bonneaud: A local trader offering an easy penetration wreck dive, the vessel was scuttled in 1989 and offers soft corals and even sharks. With a max depth of 45m visibility is usually around 30-40m. A great night dive site, flashlight fish are abundant.

Tutuba Point: Located just a short boat ride from Luganville on the northern tip of Tutuba Island, this reef offers spectacular hard and soft corals, stunning marine life, caves and swim-throughs. With a max depth of 25m, this drift features visibility up to 40-50m and sightings of Napolean wrasse, turtles and reef sharks are common.

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