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Vanuatu is a beautiful tropical island holiday destination that is renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich culture, marine life and nature and environmental experiences however it is also renowned for its great range of budget Vanuatu hotels. Designed to offer an affordable holiday solution for couples and families, these cheap hotels and accommodation options enjoy many of the same comforts, facilities and high levels of service of the more expensive resorts but without the expensive price tag. Surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the Pacific, you won't want to be spending all your time in your hotel so you might as well save some money while you're out there enjoying this amazing destination.

Hideaway Island Exterior

Budget Vanuatu hotels are located on Vanuatu's most popular islands including Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna Island and range from 2.5 stars to 3.5 stars. These affordable accommodation options don't sacrifice on your comfort or enjoyment and still boast much of the same amenities and facilities of full service resorts including spacious rooms, private courtyards or balconies, ensuite bathrooms, wonderful views, complimentary activities and water sports, a great range of bars and onsite dining options and even day spas. Located in the heart of Vanuatu's most popular areas, these budget hotels are conveniently close to a range of entertainment, activities and attractions.

Located in Efate just minutes from Port Vila, Hideaway Island Resort is a tropical oasis surrounded by pristine beaches and brilliant blue water and features a marine sanctuary where guests can enjoy the unique experience of hand feeding tropical colourful fish. Perfect for family holidays and romantic getaways, our great range of budget Vanuatu accommodation has got it all.

Whether you want to save money so you have more to spend on souvenirs or just don't see the point in spending a fortune on a hotel room that you'll really only be sleeping in, these budget Vanuatu hotels are a great way to enjoy all the comforts of full service resorts without the price tag.

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