Vanuatu Surfing

Vanuatu surfing is on par with some of the best spots in Samoa, Fiji and Tonga however with less of the crowds and certainly at a cheaper price. Just like the Maldives, Vanuatu surfing doesn't attract huge waves but does offer the perfect shape and some excellent surf spots right on your doorstep in a beautiful tropical environment. One of surfing's better kept secrets, Vanuatu surfing offers some of the most hollow and powerful surf in the South Pacific. Solid swells hit shallow reefs around the islands, making for fantastic surfing conditions.


Vanuatu surfing also benefits from the fantastic tropical climate the island boasts, with warm sunny days and humid conditions year round. Although Vanuatu does experience a wet season (from November to April) and cyclones can occur, conditions are still great and rainfall is generally short lived. Temperatures average between 19 and 26 degrees Celsius in Vila during this time while August to February sees temperatures rise to an average of between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius, making you want to hit the waves to cool off.

Despite Vanuatu surfing conditions being great all year, the surfing season hots up from March to December when southern swells caused by deep Antarctic lows produce solid, consistent breaks on the south coast of Vanuatu. The cyclone season sees huge swells hitting the coast while December to February sees the arrival of a northern swell that lashes the northern coastline. There are a fantastic range of Vanuatu surfing spots that offer great conditions both at low and high tides. Some of the best reef breaks including Erakor Point, Cookies Reef, Breakas, Port Resolution, Pango Point, Fishermans and Tanna - Lenakil.

Year round, but especially from March to December, southern swells originating from deep Antarctic lows send consistent solid breaks along the South Coast. During the cyclone season (late November to April), huge cyclonic swells frequently roll unhindered to the coastline. Also, from December to February the same northern swell which lashes Hawaii unleashes its' power on the Northern Coast of Vanuatu. Numerous surf spots provide opportunities for great surfing at both high and low tide in this tropical paradise.

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