Vanuatu Weather & Climate

Vanuatu is renowned for its beautiful subtropical climate with what seems like endless sunshine, clear blue skies and mild temperatures. Vanuatu's weather is enjoyable almost year round with only a few months of the whole year characterised by a cooler, drier climate.

Vanuatu Climate

Summer in Vanuatu falls between November to March with average temperatures reaching 28°C. The summer months are hot and humid but are generally well cooled by the sea breezes. Winter occurs during April to September and even then, temperatures still average 23°C. Swimming can be enjoyed year round as the water temperature only varies slightly from 22°C to 28°C.

The warmer weather and more humid months during December to April are when Vanuatu experiences the majority of its wet season with decent rain every month. Rainfall averages anywhere from 2-4 m annually on the northern islands.

As the summer months are also part of the tropical cyclone season, most of the resorts are located in the south where humidity is lower, there is less rainfall and the chances of extreme weather and climate conditions is much slimmer.

Vanuatu Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 303.2 275.8 331.8 262.8 206.8 158 127.4 120.3 138.7 155.7 174.6 208.5
Temp (°C) 25.9 26.1 25.8 25.1 24.1 23.3 22.5 22.4 23 23.5 24.7 25.4
Min Temp (°C) 22.7 23 22.7 22.1 21.3 20.4 19.5 19.2 19.6 20.2 21.3 22.1
Max Temp (°C) 29.1 29.6 28.8 27.9 26.9 26.1 25.1 25.3 25.9 26.8 27.8 28.6

Vanuatu Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Vanuatu Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)