Hawaii Travel Guide

Located in the North Pacific Ocean, just above the equator, Hawaii is a group of 8 main islands of which only 6 are inhabited. One of the 50 states of the United States of America, the Hawaii islands were created by volcanic eruptions caused by Pacific Plate movement over many years. Getting to Hawaii is easy thanks to a number of regular flights to Hawaii operated by Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways, Qantas and Air New Zealand taking approximately 10 hours.

Renowned for its tropical climate and breathtaking beaches, Hawaii is a unique group of islands home to a rare Polynesian culture and some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Although a place of magnificent mountains, lush rainforest and spectacular scenery, this picturesque island hideaway also enjoys fantastic shopping opportunities. Attracting hundreds of tourists each year are the breathtaking sunsets of Maui, the famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, the iconic beauty of Kaua'i and hot lava of the active volcano on the Big Island.

Popular Hawaii Regions

Hawaii Attractions

With so many islands to choose from, each island enjoys their own range of attractions and unique atmosphere. As tropical islands, sun kissed beaches, fantastic surfing, breathtaking scenery and a range of other water activities and natural attractions abound. The Hawaiian Islands are also the perfect place to learn about the local Polynesian culture and history including Pearl Harbour. There are also a wide variety of tours around the islands as well as the best astronomical observation site in the world. Read more.

Hawaii Accommodation

Hawaii accommodation is the epitome of tropical holiday perfection with a range of options to choose from that are as diverse as the islands themselves. Whether you're holidaying on a budget or want to splash out and see Hawaii in absolute luxury, there are plenty of affordable or 5 star resorts available. With a number of islands to choose from, you can find accommodation and a destination to suit your needs whether it's a romantic escape, family holiday or adventure trip. Hawaii welcomes every type of traveller and budget.

Packages Deals

With so many choices to face when planning your Hawaii holiday including your island destination, accommodation, tours and more a holiday package makes booking a breeze. Hawaii holiday packages offer excellent discounts for bundling all your holiday needs together including everything from flights, accommodation, travel insurance and transfers to meals, tours, upgrades and extras. Ensuring everything is taken care of before you leave, you can relax and enjoy your island holiday with confidence and peace of mind, the way you were meant to.

Hawaii Travel Info

Know before you go – find out everything you need to know about travelling to Hawaii with our handy guide covering everything from currency, credit cards, access to money, internet access and time zones to language, culture, driving, transport, legal drinking age, tipping and other travel advice. Read more.