Hawaii Region Information

With four popular and astonishingly diverse islands to explore – Hawaii offers every style of traveller something special to satiate their holiday desires. Big wave surfing and volcano treks, resort cocktails and luxury lagoons – whatever you seek, Hawaii has you covered. Learn about Hawaii’s favourite islands and the culture, climate and language that you’ll encounter upon arrival.

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Islands of Hawaii

Get to know the unique wonders found on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kaua'i and Hawaii Island (also known as the Big Island). Explore the thriving capital city of Honolulu and it's famous Waikiki Beach or head out in search of Hawaii's extraordinary waves, active volcanoes and breathtaking landscapes.

Hawaii Map

Hawaii Map

Spread over 2,500km, Hawaii's tropical archipelago consists of 8 major islands (6 of which are inhabited). This map indicates where travellers will find most of the action, including the four most populated (and visited) islands of Maui, Oahu, Kaua'i and Hawaii Island.

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Hawaii Weather

The tropical islands of Hawaii are glorious all year-round. Living by the wet and dry seasons, Hawaii's winter tends to bring larger waves and slightly milder temperatures while summer is often humid and hot.

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Hawaii Photos & Videos

Get to know Hawaii's most inspiring destinations in our curated media gallery. Reflecting the true nature of the 'Aloha State', explore the unbelievable sunsets and ocean panoramas that this island chain is so renowned.

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Hawaii's Culture

Reflected through music, dance, language and food, the Hawaiian culture is rich and expressive. At it's core is the intrinsic ‘Spirit of Aloha’ which flows through the mind, heart and soul of Hawaii and its diverse community.

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Hawaii's History

Hawaii’s history is deep and colourful, dating back over 1,500 years and drawing on a number of strong cultural influences. From its roots as a Polynesian colony to the growth of a powerful monarchy and later in becoming a state of America, Hawaii has an interesting story to tell.

Hawaiian Activities

Hawaii's Language

While English is almost entirely spoken in Hawaii, the traditional Hawaiian language is still used by a small number of native communities. Made up of just 13 letters, most sounds are differentiated by accents and nuance.

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Hawaiian Music

Hawaiian music reflects a distinct sound with strong ties to traditional Hawaiian culture. Accompanying Hawaiian dances and religious ceremonies, music has played a large role in forming the culture we know today. Across the US and the world, we see the influence of Hawaiian music in many well known genres.

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Hawaiian Arts & Crafts

Learn about the diverse and intricate arts and crafts developed in Hawaii over generations. Expressing the spirit of aloha, Hawaiian art is depicted in all manner of mediums