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Thailand Markets

Thailand markets are one of the most popular ways to shop, with a great range of food, handicrafts, souvenirs, jewellery, clothing, accessories, shoes and sometimes even tech goods available all at discounted prices. Thailand markets are a bustling cultural experience and thrive on local art, craft and produce. The markets are also home to some of the most entertaining haggling you will ever experience. Thai people are cheeky in nature and love to test your limits when haggling for the best price. For many Thai locals, the markets are their only form of income, and while haggling is fun and easy to get carried away, be sure to remain polite and respectful of their business. Visitors should also be aware that many 'brand name' goods sold in these markets are counterfeit and while they may look similar, you should not expect the same quality or pay prices anywhere near what they would expect to pay for the genuine article. Visitors should also check the return policy of any vendor, particularly if they are purchasing electronic goods

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Top 5 Thailand Markets

Roi Fai Market
Located in the vibrant city of Bangkok, The Roi Fai Market is a must-visit foodie attraction. Known for its incredible open air bazaar of multi-coloured tents, the Roi Fai Market draws thousands of tourists every week. With over 2000 stalls selling everything from clothing, food, antiques, one of a kind trinkets and accessories, there is so much to see and do at this incredible Thai market.

Don Wai Market: Located near Bangkok, the major drawcard of this market is the food. Tropical fruit as well as traditional dishes including sweets and stewed five-spice duck can be picked up at the market and taken on board boats cruising the Nakhon Chaisi River for a unique dining experience. A mini-bus offers services to the market from Thonburi, right beside Central Pinklao.

Day Market: Quieter and less crowded than some of the other Thailand markets, Koh Samui's west coast boasts some of the region's best seafood as well as a well-stocked grocery store and plenty of handicrafts, ideal for picking up everything you need before boarding the ferry.

Night Markets: Krabi's night market is a popular spot for immersing yourself in the local cuisine with a great range of restaurants offering English menus and authentic meals. Here you can try everything from papaya salad to prawn and lemongrass soup, fresh seafood, fried noodles, satay sticks and milky, sweet desserts.

Phi Phi Market: Another food focused market, this one is located in the heart of a local village and offers an extremely cheap way to sample authentic local delicacies. Visitors can purchase everything from fruit trays to vegetables, fish and meat skewers as well as rice, noodles, soups and salads.

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