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Bali Surfing

Thanks to incredible surf breaks and a favourable geographical position in the Southern Ocean, Bali is renowned as a haven for surfers. Famous for it's pipeline barrels and hard hitting swell, Bali receives excellent surfing conditions all year round.

Running from June to September, the Dry Season is Bali's peak surfing season - when tide, wind and swell come together and serve up wave after wave for surfers of all levels and abilities. During this time, Kuta Reef, Airport Left and Right, the Impossibles, Padang Padang and Uluwatu are at their best. The Wet Season runs from October through to April and is when Sanur, Nusa Dua, Green Balls and Keramas receive their best surf conditions.

Bali Surfers Sunset

Dry Season Surf Spots

Located 800m offshore, Kuta Reef is a popular Bali surfing spot amongst tourists and locals. Kuta Reef delivers waves of all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for surfers of different skill levels. Kuta Reef also offers some amazing hollow barrels and a world class left hander when conditions are right.

Airport left is located 1km offshore, 1.5km south of Kuta Reef in front of the runway at Tuban. Boasting 50-70m waves fuelled by south east trade winds, Airport left is popular with Japanese surfers. Airport right is located on the southern side of the runway, further out to sea and cannot be seen from Kuta. Offering huge swells, classic right hands and 100m wave rides, this spot should be left to experienced surfers. To access Airport Left and Airport Right, we recommend hiring a boat.

Located between Padang Padang and Bingin, Impossibles is a great Bali surf spot that isn't overly crowded thanks to its long stretch of reef that provides several take-off spots. Expect long and fast waves, particularly with a mid-range tide.

Located on the Bukit Peninsula, Padang Padang is a very popular surf spot boasting huge swell with long breaks. Known as the Balinese pipeline, Padang Padang is recommended for experienced surfers who can handle very fast barrelling waves.

On the South Coast, Uluwatu is another outstanding Bali surf spot that is home to four different sections, including the Temples, the Peak the Racetrack's and the Outside corner. Each offer up different kinds of swell and are home to some of world's best waves.

Wet Season Surf Spots

During the wet season, Tandjung Reef and Sanur Reef provide excellent surfing conditions that are popular amongst the locals. After heavy rain and winds, the reefs offer fast breaks and great right handers.

Nusa Dua is another great Bali surf spot, offering plenty of good waves and at least three take off spots on the long reef stretch. Nusa Dua provides powerful waves and some great tube sections, although the current can be strong and sometimes work against you. Located 500m offshore, we recommend hiring a boat to access this reef.

Located at the bottom of a cliff towards Uluwatu, Green Balls offer up some of Bali's best surf breaks. To access the break, you will have to walk down a 500 step staircase, so be sure to pack some comfy shoes! Keramas is another fantastic spot that offers powerful right handers and deep tube rides over the rock bottom of the reef. This surf spot is very popular, so we recommend visiting early to avoid the crowds.

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