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Bali Region Information

Located just 4 hours from Australia's west coast, Bali is an enchanting destination that continues to impress all who grace it's tropical shores. Discover all you need to know about the magical island of Bali, from comprehensive region guides and inspiring cultural facts, to a detailed weather forecast. Find your holiday inspiration in our magnificent collection of Bali imagery and discover the fascinating history of Bali and how it came to be. Welcome to your ultimate Bali region guide.


Regions of Bali

Discover our in-depth Bali destination guides, with all you need to know about where to visit, what to do, where to stay and how to find the best holiday packages.

Bali Map [HD]

Bali Map

Find your perfect Bali destinations and plan your holiday with ease with our map of regions, popular resorts and points of interest across the island of Bail.


Bali Weather

Discover all you need to know about Bali's weather and tropical climate and determine how weather trends will effect your holiday. Consult our monthly temperature guide and rainfall chart as you plan your Bali adventure.

Pool Aerial

Bali Photos & Videos

Explore the stunning island of Bali with this inspiring collection of images guaranteed to provide plenty of holiday inspiration. Discover the picturesque palm fringed shores and verdant jungles this island is renowned for.

Children in Balinese costume

Bali Culture

Learn about the rich and fascinating culture of Bali in this brief article as we introduce you to some of the significant rituals, customs and events.

Bali - Ulun Danu Temple

Bali History

Learn about the cultural and controversial history of Bali. From initial habitation in 2500 BC to modern Bali today, journey over thousands of years as Bali grows up.

Cultural Introduction

Bali Language

A short introduction to the official languages of Bali, the different levels of dialect, and some common phrases you can use while on holiday.