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Bali Language

Language in Bali is comprised of a few different dialects, including traditional Balinese and Indonesian with many people also speaking English. Although Indonesian has overtaken Balinese, the traditional Malayo-Polynesian dialect is still spoken by approximately 3.3 million people in Bali, Nusa Penida, Lombok and Java. Bali language is based on a caste system with three main levels, each depending on the status of who is speaking and who you are speaking to.

The lower level is known as basa ketah and is the most common level used, (especially by tourists) while the middle level, basa madia is used for those who hold a little more respect. The highest level, basa singgih is rarely used as it is reserved for important members of the community such as monks and religious leaders. When travelling to Bali, it is useful to learn some of the local language as it not only delights the native people but will also assist in communicating easier, find out information quicker, barter with the locals and get around with ease.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple


  • Good Morning: Rahajeng Semeng
  • Good Evening: Rahajeng Wengi
  • Good Bye: Pamit Nggih
  • How Are You? Punapi gatra?
  • I Am Fine: Tiang becik-becik
  • Thank You: Suksma
  • Excuse Me: Sugra nggih!

Basic Expressions

  • What is your name? Sira pesengen ragane?
  • My name is ____ : Wastan tiang _____
  • Where have you been? Dija mara?
  • Where are you going? Kal kija?
  • I am from ____ : Tiang uling _____
  • What time is it? Jam kuda niki?
  • How much? Aji kuda niki?
  • You're welcome: suksma mewali
  • Yes: Inggih, Patut
  • No: Tan, Nente


  • 0: kosun
  • 1: set
  • 2: duu
  • 3: tigi
  • 4: empaat
  • 5: lina
  • 6: enem
  • 7: tujeh
  • 8: lapane
  • 9: bilane
  • 10: pulah
  • 11: belasuh
  • 12: duu belasuh
  • 13: tigu belasuh
  • 14: empaatu belasuh
  • 15: linu belasuh
  • 20: duu phulah
  • 21: duu phulahu set
  • 30: tigi phulah
  • 40: empaat phulah
  • 50: lina phulah
  • 100: raatus
  • 200: duu rahatus
  • 1000: riba
  • 2000: duu rhiba
  • 10000: pulah rhiba

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