Norfolk Island Map & Getting There

As the map below shows, Norfolk Island is a tiny spec in the South Pacific Ocean and is an entire country that measures only 35 square kilometres in size. Halfway between New Zealand and New Caledonia, the majority of Norfolk Island's land is suited for farming two of its most notable features are the two mountains which rise more than 300m.

As the map illustrates, Norfolk Island is located approximately 1000km off the east coast of Australia, 1670km east northeast of Sydney and 772km southeast of Noumea. Much of Norfolk Island's coastline is comprised of cliffs left over from a basaltic volcano however there are still a few good swimming and surfing beaches. The island is covered by 80km of lanes and walking tracks which weave through scented pine trees, beaches, cliffs and historic convict ruins which make getting around the island easy.

Getting To Norfolk By Air

Air New Zealand operates flights to Norfolk Island every Wednesday and Sunday taking an hour and a half from Auckland or 2 and a half hours from Christchurch. Direct flights operate from Sydney and Brisbane to Norfolk Island taking approximately 2 and a half hours.

Passengers travelling from Melbourne or Adelaide will be required to catch a connecting flight from Sydney, bringing the total travel time to approximately 4 hours. For passengers travelling from Perth, the trip is longer still and some may prefer to make a stopover in Sydney before continuing on to Norfolk Island.

Although Norfolk Island is under the control of Australia, it is not a territory of Australia and as such, a passport is required with flights departing from the International Terminal.