Know Before You Go

Skip the stress and let our comprehensive guide to Fiji holidays help you plan your next tropical escape. From currency queries to flight times and weather trends, we've curated all your need-to-know info in one place. Learn of the best times to take your holiday and work out how you'll get around; whatever you're looking for, our guides are here to answer all your essential travel questions so that you can stop planning and get packing.

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Before You Go FAQs

Everything you need to know before your next Fiji holiday. From currency and entry requirements to car hire in Fiji, find your answers here.


Best Time To Visit Fiji

Plan your trip around your holiday priorities. This is our guide to the best times to visit Fiji according to popular holiday interests.

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Getting To Fiji

Whether you're planning a slow cruise or are looking forward to family-friendly international flight, discover how you can escape to Fiji.

Fiji Welcome

COVID-19 Entry Requirements For Fiji

Stringent entry requirements for Fiji make it one of the safest holiday destinations in the world. Find out everything you need to know.

Fiji Airways

Flights To Fiji

Everything you need to know about flying to Fiji., including essential info on the major airlines and routes. Search your next holiday here.

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Fiji Currency

Learn about the history and denominations of the Fiji Dollar (FJ$) in this comprehensive guide to Fiji's official currency.

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Getting Around Fiji

All you need to know about getting around Fiji upon arrival. From hotel transfers to inter-island ferries, plan your route with our guide to Fiji transport.

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Fiji Airports

Plan your trip around Fiji's major international airports - from Nadi to Suva, learn where you should commence your tropical escape.


Fiji Travel Insurance

Save yourself the stress and travel with insurance. Ensuring you have the support you need in times of unexpected strife, purchase your insurance here.

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Fiji Car Rental

Hit the open road and experience the 'real' Fiji from behind the wheel of your car. Enjoy the freedom of a self-guided tour with our Fiji car rental service.