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Fiji Attractions

Boasting an assortment of attractions guaranteed to entice you beyond resort walls, Fiji captivates visitors with its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant culture and a myriad of exciting outdoor activities. The perfect tropical destination for families, couples and solo travellers, Fiji is well known for its various attractions, which are guaranteed to keep you as busy as you like.

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Uncover The Best Things to Do in Fiji with Help from TravelOnline

If you're stuck on where to go in Fiji, our team has come up with a list of the top Fiji activities so you can make the most of your time in this tropical paradise. Here, you can visit the renowned Cloud 9, experience some of the world's greatest surf breaks, bathe in ancient natural thermal springs, experience Fiji's vibrant culture and much more.

Top Places to Visit in Fiji

Whether you're seeking a low-key break with your partner, a thrilling solo escape or a fun-filled family vacation, Fiji offers an abundance of experiences to suit every traveller. We've curated a list of the top attractions in Fiji to help make planning your itinerary hassle-free and ensure you don't miss out on any must-see sights or activities.



Without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Fiji, this world-renowned surf spot boasts legendary, once-in-a-lifetime waves that attract surfers from around the globe. Even if you're not hitting the waves, witnessing the power of Cloudbreak is a mesmerising experience.

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Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Escape to serenity at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a botanical paradise nestled at the foothills of the Sabeto Mountains. Stroll around the lush gardens and lily ponds adorned with over 2,000 species of orchids, vibrant tropical flowers and towering palms.

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Modriki Island

Explore the unspoiled beauty of Modriki Island, the location of the famous movie Cast Away. With deserted white sand beaches, lush greenery and turquoise water teeming with marine life, it's perfect for snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

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Orchid Waterfalls

Experience the remarkable Sabeto Valley Orchid Waterfalls, where four falls converge to create a breathtaking column of cascading water. Dip into crystal-clear pools amidst the lush greenery of Fiji's interior for a rejuvenating and refreshing escape from daily life.

Nadi Adventure Zipline & Mud Pool Tour

Sabeto Thermal Mud Pool & Hot Springs

One of the top Fiji tourist attractions, these natural mud pools offer a myriad of therapeutic properties. Located in the heart of Sabeto Valey, you can smear yourself with nutrient-rich mud, soak in the warm waters and feel the stress melt away.

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Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and rich history of the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. An architectural masterpiece adorned with intricate carvings and ornate sculptures; this temple offers the opportunity to gain an insight into Fiji's diverse cultural heritage.

Off-Road Cave - Naihehe Cave

Naihehe Cave

Journey back in time with a visit to Naihehe Cave, Fiji's largest cave system located in the Sigatoka Valley. Embark on a guided tour through underground chambers adorned with ancient rock formations and learn about the cave's fascinating history as a fortress for tribal warriors.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9

One of the most renowned Fiji attractions, Cloud 9 is a floating bar and pizzeria situated in the crystal-clear waters around the Mamanuca Islands. With stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding ocean, Cloud 9 is the ultimate destination for relaxation and fun in the sun.

Tavoro, Tavoro Waterfalls, Taveuni, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Tavoro Falls

Embark on a scenic hike through the lush rainforests of Taveuni Island to discover the majestic Tavoro Falls. Located within the Bouma National Heritage Park, these stunning waterfalls cascade down verdant cliffs to form a series of refreshing natural pools below.

Sawa I Lau Caves

Sawa-i-Lau Caves

Accessible by boat or kayak on the Yasawa Islands, these sacred limestone caves are steeped in legend and spirituality. Marvel at the towering chambers, illuminated by shafts of sunlight and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the cave's interior lagoon.

Great Astrolabe Reef

Great Astrolabe Reef

Delve into the world beneath the waves and explore the pristine waters of the Great Astrolabe Reef, a paradise for snorkellers and divers. Off the coast of Kadavu Island, the reef is home to an incredible diversity of marine life including colourful coral, reef fish, sharks, rays, turtles and more.

Fiji Museum

Fiji Museum

A must-see Fiji attraction located in the capital city of Suva, this museum offers a journey through Fiji's rich history and cultural heritage. Explore fascinating exhibits showcasing traditional artifacts, archaeological treasures and artifacts from Fiji's colonial past.

Top Tips When Planning Your Fiji Travel Itinerary

Make the most of your Fiji adventure with these insider tips to help you plan an unforgettable trip.

Research: When booking a trip to local Fiji attractions, always be on the lookout for reputable tour operators. TravelOnline offers a variety of activities in Fiji, all with operators that have been vetted by us personally. If you decide to join a tour spontaneously on holiday, ensure you read reviews and check their credentials to ensure quality and safety.
Book ahead of time: Secure your booking ahead of time, especially if you're travelling during peak seasons. This ensures you don't miss out on popular attractions and tours, as they can fill up quickly.
Leave room for spontaneity: Keep an open mind and be willing to try new activities or explore off-the-beaten-path locations or activities that may not be on your original itinerary. Serendipitous experiences often lead to memorable moments.
Plan transportation (if needed): Confirm if transportation is included in your booked tours or if you need to arrange it separately. Plan for transportation to and from the tour meeting points, especially if they are not within walking distance from your accommodation.

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