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Modriki Island

Located off the coast of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu, Modriki Island is a tiny uninhabited island in the Mamanuca Group. Although known for its stunning natural beauty, Modriki Island is most famous for its starring role in the 2001 film Cast Away alongside leading man Tom Hanks. Not to be confused with Castaway Island (a completely different island in Fiji), Modriki Island is a small land mass of volcanic origins.

At approximately 600m wide, 1km long and with a land area of just 100 acres, Modriki Island is ideal for exploring on foot, something that (as you can imagine) doesn’t take very long. Surrounded by coral reef on all sides, the volcanic islet is part of a group of atoll islands and is related to the Mamanuca Islands. Modriki features volcanic rocks, lagoons and a number of small beaches, including those that boast blinding white sands.

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Made famous in 2001 as the filming location for the Robert Zemeckis' film Cast Away, Modriki Island became the home of not only Hanks’ plane wrecked character Chuck Noland (and his spherical friend Wilson) but also served as the base of the film crew. Despite its status as an ‘uninhabited’ island, over 100 members of the film team lived on the island during production of the movie.

The locals have been maintaining an ongoing program to eradicate pests on the island, with numbers of native wedge-tailed shearwaters and crested iguanas successfully reintroduced; be sure to keep an eye out for the rare wildlife while you’re there.

Almost every resort on the nearby islands offer day trips to Modriki, excursion which include a variety of departure options and lunch inclusions. The Seaspray schooner sails daily from Denarau and a number of other island resorts. Offering the ideal day trip, beautiful Modriki Island is perfect for afternoons spent relaxing, swimming and snorkelling the beautiful wide lagoon. BYO volleyball for ‘Wilson’ selfies.

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