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Fiji Region Information

A mere four hours from Australian shores, Fiji has long been among our most popular holiday destinations. Discover all you need to know about this sprawling archipelago, from detailed destination guides and an interactive resort map to a short history of the island nation. Find inspiration in our comprehensive collection of Fiji imagery and brush up on basic Fijian phrases before arrival. Welcome to your go-to Fiji region guide.


Regions of Fiji

Discover our comprehensive Fiji destination guides, with information on what to do, where to stay and how to find the best holiday packages.

Fiji Map

Fiji Map

Locate your desired destinations in relation to one another and plan your next holiday more effectively with this interactive Fiji resort map.


Fiji Weather

Learn about Fiji's weather and climate, discovering how temperature trends will effect your holiday. Consult our monthly temperature guide as you plan your tropical escape.


Fiji Photos & Videos

Discover Fiji with this inspirational cache of images that offer insight into your next island break. From beach to reef, picture yourself in the postcard.

Basket Weaving

Fiji Arts & Craft

Fiji's culture of handicraft dates back thousands of years. Learn more about the traditional arts and craft in this guide to Fijian craftsmanship.

Welcome Team

Fiji Culture

The rich and diverse culture of Fiji is difficult to summarise in a brief article. We've given it a shot, introduce you to some of the more significant Fijian customs.

Blue Lagoon Caves

Fiji Geography

Discover the sprawling volcanic archipelago of the Fijian islands in this short introduction to the regions diverse geographical makeup.

Meke Performance

Fiji History

Learn the history of this young country. From initial habitation 3500 years ago to Fiji today, journey over thousands of years as Fiji grows up.


Fiji Language

Introduction to the official languages of Fiji as well as a brief guide to common Bau Fijian phrases you can use while on holiday.