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Fiji Beaches

When dreaming of your tropical escape to Fiji, it's the beaches with soft white sands and crystal clear waters that immediately come to mind. That's because this beautiful archipelago is filled with them. Hundreds of beaches are dotted around this heavenly holiday destination, many on uninhabited, remote islands you can only reach by boat. Others fringe bustling coastal towns and luxurious island resorts so it's not hard to find a beach that resonates with every type of traveller. Whether you're craving the soothing embrace of sun-kissed sands, aspiring to perfect your paddle-boarding technique, or are seeking the thrill of an underwater adventure, Fiji's beaches offer endless possibilities.

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Best Beaches in Fiji

Fiji's beaches top the charts with world-famous surf spots, secluded bays of pristine turquoise waters, coral reefs teeming with marine life and everything in between. If you're wondering whether you can swim in Fiji at these beaches, the good news is you can do all this and more.

Attracting pro surfers, families, honeymooners, and backpackers to sink their feet into the shimmering white sands, the beaches in Fiji are truly the stuff of dreams. Fortunately, we've compiled some of our top picks when it comes to the best coves, bays, and beaches in Fiji to help you plan your perfect island escape. In no particular order, our favourite Fiji beaches include:

1. Malamala Beach Club

A top contender for the best beach in Fiji, Malamala Beach Club is, you guessed it — a beach club that lays atop its very own island of the same name. Floating off the west of Nadi, Malamala Beach Club is one of the many islets that make up the phenomenal Mamanuca Islands. The island is totally secluded and only accessible by hopping aboard your very own Malamala Fiji Beach Club Day Cruise.

Malamala Beach Club and the beaches that surround it are a paradise seekers' dream. Upon arriving, you're greeted by breathtakingly clear waters, palm-fringed shores and soft white sands that encase the island. Perfect for honeymooners and adventure seekers, visitors can enjoy a phenomenal dining experience alongside various water activities like swimming, paddleboarding and snorkelling offshore.

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2. Natadola Beach

Located on Fiji's main island, Viti Levu, just a thirty-minute drive from the airport in Nadi, lies a beach called Natadola. Known as the best white sand beach in Fiji because of its velvety white sands and glittering azure waters, Natadola Beach has remained a popular tourist destination for many years.

The best beach on the Fiji mainland, visitors can ride horses along the shore, swim in the shallows, and body surf on the gently crashing waves. For those looking for more of an adventure, Natadola also offers some of the best Fiji surf breaks, perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. A 5-minute drive from the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, Natadola invites visitors to experience the ideal blend of relaxation and adventure.

3. Castaway (Qalito) Island

Another islet representing the Mamanuca Island group, Castaway Island (otherwise known as Qalito Island), boasts two picture-perfect beaches on either side of the island. With powdery soft sands, gin-clear waters, and off-shore technicolour coral reefs, Castaway showcases some of the best Fiji beaches, whether for swimming, snorkelling, or simply unwinding.

Castaway's beaches offer plenty of opportunities to sit back, relax, and engage in various water-based activities such as jet-skiing, water-skiing, and even a dolphin safari. The only accommodation on the island, if you're not staying at the Castaway Fiji Resort, you can hop aboard a Castaway Day Trip and enjoy the beauty that is Castaway.

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4. Horseshoe Bay - Matagi Island

Part of the larger Vanua Levu island group, this horseshoe-shaped beach, appropriately named Horseshoe Bay, lays atop the ever-so-secluded Matagi Island. Listed in the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, Horseshoe Bay is a haven for those seeking tranquillity away from the bustling crowds.

With boat access via Taveuni Island and only one accommodation provider on the whole island, Horseshoe Bay is one of Fiji's most secluded destinations. Soft, calm shores and astonishing coral reefs teeming with native marine life adorn this tropical destination, making it the ideal spot for snorkelling, scuba diving, and a range of non-motorised water activities.

5. Sunset Beach

Located on Mana Island, the epicentre of the Mamanucas, you'll find the aptly named Sunset Beach. A beautiful rounded stretch of shoreline that makes you feel like you own the whole beach, Sunset Beach is the perfect place to watch the sun fall over the horizon.

Sharing the same island as the Mana Island Resort & Spa, with shallow shores and stunning views out to the Pacific Ocean, Sunset Beach is the ideal spot for a daytime swim or romantic picnic. A relatively isolated beach compared to others on the list, Sunset Beach is a must-see if you're heading over to the Mamanucas and seeking more of a relaxed vibe.


6. Pacific Harbour Local Beach

Located on the south coast of Fiji's main island, Pacific Harbour is a breathtaking region brimming with plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation, conveniently within an hour's drive from the capital. A beautiful long stretch of uninterrupted coastline, the Pacific Harbour Local Beach boasts palm-fringed shores, sugary smooth sands, and stunning views of Rovodrau Bay and Beqa Island.

Here, you'll enjoy a number of activities such as shark diving, snorkelling, jet ski tours, or even a session out at the world-renowned left-hand break known as Frigates. One of the best beaches in the Fiji mainland and a convenient 5-minute drive from the ever so-luxurious Nanuku Resort, there's truly nothing not to love about the Pacific Harbour region.

7. South Sea Island

Located in the midst of the Mamanuca's, South Sea Island is a small but mighty gem surrounded by shimmering white sands and a vibrant coral reef. Only accessible via a South Sea Island Cruise, across the crystal clear waters that lay between the Mamanuca's, the journey itself becomes part of the experience.

South Sea Island boasts one of the best beaches in Fiji, where visitors can spend the day however they like, with plenty of options to relax, swim, snorkel, sail, and kayak. With various activities to keep the whole family entertained, the shoreline along South Sea Island is a must-see.

8. Liku Beach

Located right out the front of Tokoriki Island Resort on Totoriki Island in the Mamanuca's, Liku Beach is truly one you won't believe until you see it. Arguably one of the few beaches in Fiji with water so clear you can see the bottom of the ocean, Liku Beach rivals the stuff of dreams.

Translated, Liku means sunset and, as a west-facing beach, offers up some of the most beautiful sunsets in the Fijian archipelago. Not only this, but its calm, clear waters boast plenty of opportunities for a wide range of activities, such as kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, and swimming. Accessed only through Tokoriki Island Resort, Liku Beach is genuinely a sight to behold.


9. Tivua Island

With snow-white sands as far as the eye can see, Tivua Island is a small islet located just off the coast of the mainland. Nestled against the vibrant azure waters, Tivua Island and its beaches are surrounded by 500 acres of beautiful coral, making it a snorkellers dream destination.

With no accommodation on the island, Tivua and its beaches are only accessible via the Tivua Island Day Cruise. Protected by the outer reef, Tivua's beaches are smooth, clear, and unspoiled, making them ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

10. Modriki (Monuriki) Island

Famously known as the tropical destination where the blockbuster movie Cast Away was filmed, Modriki Island (otherwise known as Monuriki Island) is a small island off the coast of Viti Levu. Not to be confused with the actual Castaway Island, Modriki is entirely uninhabited and is surrounded by sunkissed sands and numerous idyllic turquoise beaches that rival those seen on postcards.

Almost completely secluded and only accessible via boat, Modriki's beaches are enjoyed for their calm shores and translucent water that encourage snorkelling and swimming, amongst other water activities. Its silky smooth sands also encourage leisurely barefoot strolls along the untouched coastline to explore the beauty of Modriki.

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