Things To Do In Fiji

The friendly islands of tropical Fiji offer a huge range of things to see and do. Although it’s very easy to spend your time flat out by the pool, you don’t want to miss out on the unique things to do in Fiji. While a big part of the enjoyment of this tropical paradise is being able to do as little as possible, there are some must do Fiji experiences that you simply cannot miss. Don’t forget you’re on ‘island time’ so there’s no rush to get through them, but after a lazy day doing nothing, these unique experiences offer a welcome change of pace. The ideal way to discover Fiji’s fascinating culture, history and incredible natural environment, the following must do experiences offer a taste of the colourful yet laid back life of the Pacific.

Must Do Fiji

  • No holiday to Fiji would be complete without snoozing in a hammock on the beach. You can do this in many resorts, however Tokoriki Island Resort is one of the most beautiful.
  • Castaway Island Fiji offers the unique opportunity to snorkel straight off the beach and the convenience and accessibility is surpassed only by its beauty. The ideal way to introduce children to the colourful coral and incredible marine life that exists below the water, you can snorkel any time of day for as long or as little as you like.
  • Famous for its spectacular reefs, it’s certainly worth jumping on a reef boat and exploring some of the most beautiful reefs and snorkelling opportunities further out to sea.
  • Fishermen and women will love the amazing fishing opportunities in Fiji with an awesome range of fishing charters available including bottom fishing, game fishing and even hand lines.
  • Aside from the main islands of Fiji, there are also a huge range of spectacular, uninhabited islands. Experience island hopping at its best and visit some of the most beautiful and peaceful islands you’ll ever see.
  • The surrounding landscape of Fiji features lush, mountainous terrain swathed in vibrant green rainforest and a 4WD experience is the best way to explore this stunning natural environment.
  • Sigatoka is an area rich in natural attractions and the ancient Sigatoka Sand Dunes are an impressive sight. The nearby Sigatoka River is also a stunning experience offering the excitement of a jet boat.
  • Discover Fiji’s cannibal past with a cave safari of Naihehe Cave, the largest cave system in Fiji, and receive a traditional blessing by a local priest before entering this magical underground world.
  • Eat your way to ecstasy and enjoy the amazing opportunity of dining on a fish caught freshly off the reef the same day, guaranteed you’ve never tasted anything like it.
  • You can’t visit Fiji without enjoying a traditional Lovo feast, a meat and veg BBQ wrapped in banana leaves and slow cooked in the ground. Every Saturday night, Malolo Island Resort offers this unique dining option.
  • For those wanting to take the true taste of Fiji home with them, cooking classes are a great way to sample and learn to cook the diverse yet delicious blend of tropical Fijian and Indian dishes.
  • What does one drink with authentic Fijian cuisine? Traditionally, it’s kava (or yaqona), a drink made from the root of a tree and known for its numbing properties. Of course when in Rome (or Fiji) you’ve also got to try the local drop, which is Fiji’s famous rum known as Bounty.
  • Like many native cultures, the Fijians tell their history and stories through song and dance, known as meke, and these traditional performances are an experience not to be missed.
  • If you want a genuine experience of real Fiji history and culture, then a village tour offers the ultimate insight into the traditional lifestyle of the Fijian people and includes a scenic 4WD through stunning rainforest.
  • You can’t miss the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple – literally, it’s so colourful! The largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere, the temple is a rare opportunity to witness Dravidian architecture outside of India.