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Fiji has long been renowned as a spectacular island oasis and popular holiday destination. Boasting dazzling crystal waters, pristine beaches and a warm, hospitable culture, Fiji offers a tropical escape for families and couples alike. While the South Pacific archipelago has a reputation for unattainable luxury, on the contrary holiday makers enjoy an array of budget friendly, world class accommodation options.

Choose between beach frontage resorts and jungle villas as you explore the surrounding environment. Make the most of the islands array of free activities and spend your days swimming, snorkelling, trekking and sunbathing from their golden beaches. Glorious weather year-round means that off-peak periods are just as good, and arguably better, than the traditional holiday season, as you explore the tropical islands sans crowds.

With such a wide range of discount Fiji holiday packages available, exploring the stunning natural environment, fascinating culture and colourful marine life has never been as easy or as cheap. There is just so much to see and do on a holiday in Fiji thanks to the wide range of land and water activities on offer. Experience the country's ancient relics and rich cultural attractions and explore the towns, villages and lush landscapes that make this island nation so special.

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