Cook Islands Attractions

Boasting a stunning array of adventures and cultural delights, the Cook Islands has so much on offer to all that visit. Home to a unique fusion of Polynesian heritage and European influences, the Cook Islands is unlike anywhere else in the world. Discover the stunning natural scenery and harmonious local lifestyle through our fantastic range of Cook Islands attractions.


Muri Beach

Boasting spectacular tropical waters, soft white sand and fringed coconut palms, Muri Beach is a romantic tourist destination that offers an abundance of entertainment and exciting water sports for all.

Cultural Tour

Punanga Nui Cultural Market

Home to over 130 local stores showcasing delicious cuisine, handicrafts and cultural performances, The Punanga Nui Cultural market is a wholesome experience that is not to be missed on your next Cook Islands adventure.

Aerial Aitutaki Island

Mangaia Island

Renowned for its dramatic cliff faces, remarkable caves and fossilised coral, Mangaia Island is an ancient wonderland of The Cook Islands. Explore the stunning natural scenery and traditional way of life in this truly magical place.

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Koteka Winery

For a truly unique cultural experience that is sure to impress, head to the Koteka Winery on the Island of Rarotonga. Try the delicious range of local wines with flavours like banana, mango and even chilli!

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Cross Island Track

Set amongst the lush tropical landscape of Rarotonga, The Cross-Island Track is a rewarding and challenging hike that winds through verdant rainforests, meandering streams and offers breathtaking scenery of the Cook Islands.