Koteka Winery

For a truly unique cultural experience that is sure to impress, head to the Koteka Winery on the Island of Rarotonga. Located in Muri, Koteka is a family owned and operated winery that showcases unusual, and delicious flavoured beverages and cooking ingredients including banana wine, chilli vodka and homemade vanilla bean paste.

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Established in 1994 by Dr. George Koteka, the journey began when Koteka started making wine for friends and family. It wasn't long before word got out about how delicious the wines were, which then transformed his hobby into a successful business. Koteka creates his delicious brews by mixing banana with whatever fruit is in season along with soursop, mango, pawpaw orange and the "vene vene" fruit which produces a lovely light red wine.

Regardless of the business success, Koteka Winery still remains a humbling local experience. Just a short drive from Muri, follow the blackboard signs to Koteka's Winery; which doubles as his home. Honk your horn 3 times (as the sign says) and Koteka will welcome you inside with open arms to show you around the mini rustic factory.

Learn about the process of wine making and discover the delicious flavours of Rarotonga in this unique and memorable Cook Islands experience. The fascinating work space is filled with fresh vanilla pods, cacao and all kinds of liqueurs which are available to taste.

If you love the wine (which you definitely will) you are able to purchase bottles of fresh brews to take home, so you can relive the authentic Cook Islands experience all over again. Why not buy a few bottles and give them to friends and family as a great souvenir?

You can also catch Koteka and his delicious wines at his iconic wine stall at the Panagua Nui Cultural Market on Saturdays from 06:00 - 14:00.

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