Cook Islands Surfing

The Cook Islands are a string of spectacular volcanic islands boasting stunning coral reefs, surrounded by lush mountainous terrain. With amazing beaches and perfect weather, The Cook Islands makes for great for surfing all year round.

Cook Islands surf is characterised by a consistent array of reef-pass waves that hit hard and are more suited to experienced surfers. Drawing many similarities from Tahiti, Cook Islands surfing is not for the faint hearted.


Best Surf Spots In The Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the capital of the Cook Islands and is great for surfing year-round thanks to strong waves generated by reef passes that face different windows of swell. However, the best surf occurs from November to March during the austral summer.

Prevailing trade winds from the southeast meet strong storms from the North Pacific that feed the swell to the south, creating the best offshore conditions on the western and northern shores.

What To Bring

If you forgot to pack your surfboard, no need to worry, there are plenty of places to hire a board on the Islands (a barrel-tuned board is strongly recommended). Another major necessity is to purchase reef booties to protect your feet from nasty coral and urchins. Other than that, all you will really need is a wetsuit, plenty of sunscreen, and a bit of tropical wax. Sometimes spare boards are a good idea in case the powerful waves catch your board in the wrong position, causing it to snap.


Cook Islands Deals Near Top Surf Spots