Cook Islands Transport

The Cook Islands is such a lovely place and one of the best ways to explore this destination and get a real feel for it is on foot. However it is the tropics and although the sunny weather is glorious while you're on holidays, it's important to remember that the sun can get very hot so it is recommended that you avoid walking at this time.

Cook Islands transport is primarily provided by the Cook's Island Bus which circles both clock- and anti-clockwise around the island throughout the day. Although later evening services are provided throughout the week, these do not run on Sundays. If you're planning on riding this bus regularly, it's most cost effective and convenient to pick up either a day pass or book of ten tickets.

If you prefer to provide your own Cook Islands transport than there are a number or motorbike and car rental companies who offer vehicles for hire, however visitors should note that diesel and petrol are much more expensive than they'd be used to. Cook Islanders drive on the left hand side of the road and generally roads aren't very busy. Most roads around the perimeter of the island are sealed however depending on where you go, you may find the quality of some roads to be a little poor.

If you do wish to rent a vehicle and drive yourself around the Cook Islands, exploring at your own pace, you will need to obtain a Cook Islands driver's license as international licenses are not accepted here. However to obtain a Cook Islands driver's license is very easy, all visitors need to do is find the Avarua Police Station and present their current international driver's license there.

Organised tours are also a great way to ensure that your Cook Islands transport is taken care of as you explore the island.