Queensland Islands Accommodation

From the soft white sands and crystal clear waters of the Whitsundays Islands to the lush ruggedness of Queensland's Southern Islands, there is no wonder that the Queensland Islands are a highly sought-after holiday destination. Brimming with a range of five-star resorts, romantic hotels, and family-friendly villas, when you visit the Queensland Islands and are looking for accommodation, you won't be short of a range of spectacular options.

Curated according to location, our detailed guide to Queensland Islands accommodation will help you select the perfect place to stay on your next island getaway. Explore below the best islands in Queensland to stay, play, and enjoy.

Whitsunday Islands

Celebrated for their pristine white-sand beaches, calm sky-blue waters, and diverse marine life, there is no wonder why the Whitsunday Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia.

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet 3

Daydream Island

Ideal for both a fun family holiday or a relaxed, romantic getaway, Daydream Island offers everything you need for a well-deserved break. A true holiday oasis, Daydream Island is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is brimming with lush tropical rainforests and pristine beaches.

Catseye Beach

Hamilton Island

The most well-known out of all the Whitsunday Islands, with a spectacular range of accommodation options, Hamilton Island exudes the perfect balance between luxury, relaxation, and adventure. Overflowing with gorgeous coral-fringed beaches and crystalline waters, Hamilton Island is often dubbed as heaven on earth.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort

Hayman Island

The most northern island of the Whitsundays, Hayman Island boasts breathtaking natural beauty, luxurious 5-star accommodation, and an atmosphere of complete relaxation. Enjoying an enviable location within the Great Barrier Reef, this Queensland Island promises a dreamlike holiday experience.

Tropical North Queensland Islands

Stunningly picturesque, in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef lay the tropical islands of North Queensland. Scattered off the coast of Cairns, these islands offer a captivating blend of adventure and relaxation, ideal for romantics, families, and thrill-seekers alike.

Welcome Bay

Fitzroy Island

Home to over 300 hectares of lush rainforest, vibrant coral reefs, secluded beaches, and boutique accommodation, Fitzroy Island effortlessly combines relaxation with adventure to embody the ultimate tropical getaway. Fitzroy Island is also home to a turtle rehabilitation centre, making it much more than a picture-perfect paradise.


Orpheus Island

Nestled within the turquoise of the Great Barrier Reef, with over 11km of stunning coastline, lay a secluded holiday destination that caters up to 28 people at a time. Orpheus Island enjoys 11km of stunning coastline, beautiful coral reefs abundant with diverse marine life, and over 1300 hectares of stunning forest.

Southern Great Barrier Reef Islands

Located on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef lay the Southern Great Barrier Reef Islands. Teeming with diverse marine life and luxury boutique accommodation, the Southern Islands are ideal for nature lovers and luxury escape seekers.

Heron Island

Heron Island

Set apart by an amazing lifestyle of 'living on the reef' guests on Heron Island enjoy vast stretches of living coral right on their doorstep. Surrounded by crystal waters teeming with marine life, the island offers the unique ability to walk directly from the beach to the reef's edge.

Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island

A haven for over 1200 species of marine life, Lady Elliot Island is known for its crystal blue waters and variety of manta rays, turtles, and tropical fish. The island also boasts an eco-friendly resort overlooking the spectacular coral lagoon, perfect for environmentally conscious travellers looking for a relaxing getaway.

Southern Queensland Islands

Located just off the coast of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast lay the paradisiacal archipelago known as the Southern Queensland Islands. These islands strike an excellent blend of tropical temperatures, glittering beaches, and lush greenery, making them a haven for tourists, families, and nature enthusiasts.

Fraser Island

K'gari (Formerly known as Fraser Island)

Renowned as the largest sand island in the world, K'gari is home to multiple freshwater lakes, creeks, crystal clear beaches and giant sand dunes, making it a popular destination for families and 4WDers alike. With a catalogue of accommodation options and outdoor activities on offer, K'gari has something for every type of holidaymaker.

Moreton Island Tangalooma Wrecks MR

Moreton Island

Just off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton Island is the ultimate location to retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living and indulge in a tropical getaway. Surrounded by unspoilt National Parks, soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, whether you seek adventure or relaxation, Moreton has so much on offer for all who grace its shores.

All-inclusive Holiday Packages

The only thing better than luxury island accommodation is holiday packages inclusive of luxury island accommodation, meals, airport transfers, experiences, and more. With plenty of upgrades available, including flights, room upgrades, tours and more, you can tailor your vacation to your preferences and create a truly personalised experience that caters to every aspect of your dream getaway.

If you are heading to the Islands in Queensland and looking to book an all-inclusive holiday package, you can rest assured knowing Travel Online is here to make your planning process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. With a range of accommodation options and holiday packages available, you won't be short of all the travel essentials to make your next
Queensland Island holiday one to remember.

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The sheer diversity in this tropical archipelago ensures that regardless of what you're after, you'll find a mosaic of accommodation options and experiences that cater to your preferences. Whether you're headed to the Queensland Islands to just visit and relax or to adventure and explore, the team at Travel Online will work with you to curate a holiday, allowing you to set the pace of your dream getaway.

Fortunately, Travel Online simplifies the process of securing your dream Queensland Islands accommodation. Crafted to accommodate every kind of holidaymaker, our accommodation ranges from luxurious full-service family resorts to charming, romantic boutique hotels. For more information about our Queensland Islands accommodation or holiday packages, don't hesitate to contact a friendly member of our team today!

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