Adults Only Queensland Islands Resorts

Although the Queensland Islands are often considered a family friendly holiday destination thanks to their stunning location, fantastic range of activities and enviable position on the Great Barrier Reef, there is also a very grown up side to this holiday destination and that is evident in the great range of adults only Queensland Island resorts. Offering a level of style and sophistication to appeal to more mature tastes, these adults only Queensland Island resorts are the perfect escape with someone special and are particularly popular for weddings, honeymoons and special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and milestone birthdays.

Elysian Romance

Adults only Queensland Islands resorts are the perfect place for a romantic escape and offer a more intimate atmosphere than many of the full service and family oriented resorts. Still enjoying all the same great facilities, these adults only Queensland Islands resorts offer a unique level of luxury undisturbed by the exuberance of noisy children. Allowing you to truly relax, these adults only Queensland Island resorts free you of the responsibility of constantly meeting the demands of little ones and allow you to really unwind. Rated 4 - 5 stars, the resorts are located on some of the region's most beautiful islands including Long Island and Lizard Island.

Located on Long Island, the spectacular Elysian Retreat is a 4 star property that just oozes sophistication. Only accessible by private helicopter, the resort is all inclusive and offers 3 gourmet meals a day. The newly refurbished property boasts private beachfront villas, a spa and wellness centre as well as complimentary water sports for all guests. The Elysian accepts guests aged 16 years and over and exudes a truly intimate atmosphere. Situated on Lizard Island, the 5 star Lizard Island Resort is designed to coexist in harmony with the stunning natural environment. Accepting guests aged 9 years and older, the property is built for a mature audience, but still caters to families with older children. Offering a fantastic range of amenities and world class service, this stunning property is a favourite amongst travellers.

Whether you're looking for a romantic holiday destination or just want some time away from the kids, look no further than our range of adults only Queensland Islands resorts.