Bali Surf

Bali is renowned as a surfing hot spot and thanks to its position in the Southern Ocean, it receives direct swells from the Antarctic making its south east and south west coasts a haven for surfers. Bali surf doesn't really have an 'off' season as waves can be found year round as long as you are looking in the right places however the Dry Season is the peak surfing season, although there are still plenty of excellent spots in the Wet Season. The Dry Season runs from June to September and is when Kuta Reef, the Airport Left and Rights, the Impossibles, Padang Padang and Uluwatu are at their best. The Wet Season runs from October through to April and is when Sanur, Nusa Dua, Green Balls and Keramas are at their best. Check the Bali surf report daily for the surf spots you wish to visit to see if conditions are right.

Dry Season

Located 800m offshore, Kuta Reef is easily accessed by slipping local boat operators a couple of dollars to drop you off and pick you up again. A popular surfing spot, Kuta Reef can be crowded with up to 60 surfers at times but different skill levels will target different waves, so you should always be able to pick up something. The reef also offers some good hollow barrel sections and a world class left hander when conditions are right.

Airport left is located 1km offshore, 1.5km south of Kuta Reef in front of the runway at Tuban. Hire a local boat to access these 50-70m waves fuelled by south east trade winds and popular with Japanese surfers. Airport right is located on the southern side of the runway and can't be seen from Kuta. A lot further out than most of the other reefs, you'll need to hire a boat to access the great swells, classic right hands and 100m wave rides of this popular and sometimes crowded spot.

Located between Padang Padang and Bingin, Impossibles is a great Bali surf spot that isn't particularly crowded thanks to its long stretch of reef that provides a number of take off spots. Expect long and fast waves, particularly with a mid-range tide and 5ft or higher waves, as this is when the waves are at their longest. Padang Padang is at its best when there's a big swell and is easily accessed with just a leisurely paddle through the channel however due to its fame, is often very crowded, almost dangerously so. However if you go early in the morning, you should be able to enjoy some time at this memorable Bali surf spot.

Uluwatu is another outstanding surf spot in the south of Bali home to four different sections, including the hollow long waves of the Temples, the Peak best at high tide in line with the cave, the Racetrack's fast barrel on low tide and the Outside corner, home to some of world's best waves.

Wet Season

Sanur offers to main reefs, Tandjung Reef and Sanur Reef, both of which require a fair bit of swell to get them going but great right handers break in these spots, although they're also popular with the locals which can make it hard to get a wave when they're under 5ft.

Nusa Dua offers a number of good waves and at least three take off spots on the long reef stretch. Nusa Dua offers powerful waves and some great tube sections but the current is strong and often works against you. Located 500m offshore, you're better off hiring a boat to access this reef.

Located at the bottom of a cliff towards Uluwatu, Green Balls are accessed by a 500 step staircase and offers some excellent conditions. Keramas is another fantastic spot that offers powerful right handers and deep tube rides over the rock bottom of the reef. As conditions are so good here, it's a very popular spot however if you visit earlier in the morning, you're more likely have better space to enjoy.