Fiji Weather & Climate

Whether you prefer a quiet spot in the shade of a palm tree, sipping cocktails by the pool or you're up for a bit of adventure Fiji welcomes you!

With maximum temperatures sitting between 26°C and 31°C year round this is definitely thongs and shorts weather. Conditions are perfect for working on your tan, sailing the crystal clear waters, exploring local reefs and discovering the rich culture and heritage that is so abundant in the local markets.

The best time to visit Fiji weather wise is between late March and early December, with sunny days and a warm tropical climate offering endless options for exploring the sandy white beaches and rolling mountains of the island.

A refreshing trade wind blows from the east south-east and will keep even the most active visitors cool, so whether you're climbing a village walk or tearing it up with a 4WD tour it's no sweat!

Fiji does experience a wet weather season during November to April however these brief, heavy showers are localised. These bursts account for most of Fiji's annual rainfall, which ranges from 2000mm to 3000mm on the main islands and 6000mm in the mountains.

As a tropical island, the wet season is a vital part of Fiji's climate and is responsible for the lush environment and plant life that is so plentiful there.

Cyclones do occur in Fiji but are normally confined to the wet weather season.

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Fiji Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 304.4 293.6 352.5 257.6 190.8 140.1 101.1 129.8 146.1 176.1 214.3 247.5
Temp (°C) 26.3 26.3 26.2 25.6 24.8 24 23.4 23.6 23.8 24.6 24.9 25.8
Min Temp (°C) 23.4 23.4 23.4 22.5 21.8 20.6 20.5 20.6 20.9 21.6 21.8 22.6
Max Temp (°C) 30 30 29.9 28.8 27.9 26.9 26.8 27 27 27.9 28.5 29.3

Fiji Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Fiji Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)