Cloudbreak is perhaps one of the most famous surf breaks in the world. Even if you’re not into surfing, there’s a good chance that you’ve not only heard of it but that you’re interested in seeing it while you’re in Fiji. Located on a sheltered reef in Tavarua, just minutes from famous Castaway Island Resort, Cloudbreak is a world class surfing spot ranked among the 10 best and most challenging waves in the world.

Before you even reach it you’ll notice how perfect Cloudbreak looks, with constant white breaks visible from a couple of kilometres away. Cloudbreak is a left reef pass which offers some of the best surfing in Fiji if not the world. Like most tropical reef-pass breaks, Cloudbreak gets shallower, faster and more critical as it moves.

When it comes to Cloudbreak, its reputation precedes it. An awe-inspiring fast barrelling left over shallow reef Cloudbreak must be seen to be believed. Cloudbreak is thrilling for surfers and non-surfers alike. A challenging wave, Cloudbreak attracts surfing pros from all over the world and although it’s only recommended for experienced surfers, non-surfers also take delight in hanging out on the boat and watching the experts attempt it.

The sheer volume of water that hits the reef along with waves that break at all different angles makes Cloudbreak a particularly complex wave to surf. The breaks are consistent and always challenging, so don’t expect to master it straight away. Sometimes surfers need a jet ski and tow board just to get into the wave.

Although waves can be as small as 2 feet, at their peak they can get up to 20 feet so don’t let your guard down if the waves start to get smaller. As they get smaller they also get faster and shallower as you hurtle down on live coral. Don’t run out of water and wind up on the reef. Stick to the middle of the surf and the point for the best rides. Inside tends to get too shallow.