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Bali Markets

Offering amazing shopping, spectacular market stalls, and affordable prices, Bali is renowned as a shopping capital when it comes to holiday destinations. Popular for its spectacular range of jewellery, clothing and handicrafts, Bali markets are one of the most exciting tourist attractions on the island. Visiting a local market not only offers visitors the chance to pick up some great bargains, but also provides a fascinating insight into the unique Balinese culture. Bartering or haggling is engrained into Balinese market culture, and is an exciting part of the Bali shopping experience. Locals encourage and enjoy bartering with tourists and it's a fun way to pick up plenty of affordable holiday souvenirs.

Ubud Market

Top 5 Bali Markets

Kuta Art Market: Located near Kuta Beach, this market offers a range of clothing, sarongs, jewellery, shoes, leather goods, handicrafts and even furniture. There are some great bargains to be found if you try your luck at haggling.

Sanur Art Market: Enjoying a less crowded and more relaxed atmosphere, this market offers a wide range of merchandise, sarongs, handicrafts and wood carvings and is surrounded by a number of delicious restaurants.

Badung Market: Open 24 hours, this traditional market is located in Bali's capital of Denpasar and offers four storeys of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, spices, groceries, textiles, cloth, homewares, accessories, clothing, pets and much more. The day market operates from 5am to 5pm when the night market takes over from 5pm to 5 am.

Ubud Market: See the real Bali in all its cultural and artistic glory with this traditional rustic market featuring squatting sellers, noisy haggling, fresh local vegetables and spices, handicrafts and more.

Sukawati Art Market: Located opposite the traditional market, this two-storey building offers a number of stalls selling woven baskets, colourful hand-painted cloth, dance costumes, statues and more, all at reasonable prices.

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