Samoa Region Information

Located just 5 hours from the east coast of Australia, Samoa is a stunning holiday destination that is guaranteed to impress. Discover everything you need to know about this spectacular archipelago, from detailed destination guides and interesting cultural traditions, to a comprehensive weather forecast. Find inspiration in our magnificent collection of Samoa imagery and prepare to fall in love with this Polynesian paradise.

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Regions of Samoa

Discover all you need to know about magical Samoa through our comprehensive destination guides detailing information about where to stay, what to do and how to find the best holiday deals.


Samoa Map

Explore your desired destinations and plan your holiday with ease using our map of popular resorts and points of interest across the islands of Samoa.

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Samoa Weather

Samoa is renowned for it's beautiful tropical climate and amazing weather. Learn about Samoa's weather conditions and consult our monthly temperature guide as you plan your holiday escape.

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Samoa Photos & Videos

Marvel at the amazing islands of Samoa with this awe-inspiring collection of images that offer insight into your next tropical holiday. From lush tropical gardens to sun-kissed sands and crystal clear waters, picture yourself in the postcard.

Samoa culture

Samoan Culture

Discover the rich and culturally fascinating history of Samoa and its unique identity. Learn about the traditions, rituals and influence of it's Polynesian heritage.


Samoa Geography

Learn all about the spectacular archipelago of Samoa in this brief introduction to the country's geographical characteristics.

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Samoa Language

Discover the traditional languages of Samoa and brush up on some common phrases you can use while on holiday.