Samoa Surfing

A lush tropical paradise home to stunning natural scenery and attractions, Samoa offers some of the best surfing in the South Pacific. Often compared to Hawaii and Indonesian surf, surfers in Samoa can enjoy perfect weather and excellent surfing conditions, without the huge crowds. Thanks to the island's favourable position in the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa receives fantastic surf all year round. Prevailing trade winds from the south east bring powerful swells of up to 10ft in the dry season from May to October. Alternatively, the wet season from November to April delivers smaller swells of up to 5ft.

Characterised by strong swell, hard hitting breaks and consistent array of reef-pass waves, Samoa surfing is not for the faint hearted and beginners should take care around the sharp coral reef breaks.


Best Surf Spots in Samoa

The island of Upolu is home to the international airport and is where most tourists begin their Samoan journey. The island offers ideal surfing conditions all year round and features a number of surf resorts scattered along the coastline. These resorts are perfect for travellers looking to experience the best of Samoa's surf, traditional culture and natural beauty by combining a whole range of amenities and services. The resorts take guests to off shore surf spots that can only be accessed via boat and provide consistent waves.

For those not staying at a surf resort, there are still plenty of accessible surf spots throughout Samoa, although you may need to pay a local a small fee to take you there. Just ask kindly and they will be more than happy to help! With 40 known reef breaks throughout the country, there are plenty of waves to ride. Popular surf spots on Upolu include Coconuts, Wackas, Boulders and Tiavea

Located just 45 minutes from Upolu, Savai'i is another Samoan island that offers incredible swell. The island is far less developed and has much fewer tourists, meaning you are almost guaranteed the waves to yourself. The breaks on Savai'i's northern coastline provide consistent waves and powerful breaks. Popular surf spots on Savai'i include Agona, Pastor Point, K-Land and Middles.

What To Bring

As Samoa is largely undeveloped, with virtually no surfing industry, we recommended bringing your own surf board, leg ropes and wax. Water temperatures remain warm all year round ranging from 27 °C to 29 °C so a full wet suit is not necessary. We do also recommend bringing a spare board in case the powerful Samoan waves catch your board in the wrong position, causing it to snap.

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