Getting To Samoa

Located in the South Pacific Ocean approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa is a 5 hour flight from Australia's east coast. Getting to Samoa is simple and affordable thanks to a fantastic range of flight deals in partnership with trusted airlines such as Virgin Australia, Samoa Airways, Air New Zealand and Fiji Airways. Direct flights are available multiple times a week departing Sydney and Brisbane. Fiji Airways offer flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, stopping via Nadi. Direct flights are also available from Auckland.

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Transfers from Faleolo International Airport

The Faleolo International Airport is located on the island of Upolu just 40km from the main township, Apia. On arrival to Samoa, taxi's, public transport and shuttle transfers are available to your resort, however it is advised that you arrange transfers before arrival using a recommended service provider. If you are renting a car in Samoa, rental car operators can also deliver a vehicle to the airport if pre-arranged. Clearing customs at Faleolo International airport can take up to an hour, so please be mindful of this when booking transfers. Upolu is a relatively small island, so getting to your resort should take no longer than 90 minutes.

Samoa Transport

Getting around Samoa is simple and easy thanks to a great range of transport options such as buses, taxis, rental cars and bicycles. Samoa's vibrantly coloured buses offer an inexpensive and fun mode of transport for tourists, and often blast great music along the journey. All buses in Samoa are named with their destination, and there are no designated bus stops, so you will need to wave down a driver as he approaches. The bus seats are comprised of wooden benches, and if the bus becomes full, people will opt to sit on each other's lap, rather than stand in the aisles.

Taxis are abundant throughout Samoa and are an affordable way to get around the islands. However, the taxis are not metered, so you should agree on a price with the driver before setting off. There are a number of hire car companies in Samoa and prices start at around ST110 per day. Drivers will need to obtain a temporary drivers license from the Land Transport Authority in Apia. You will need to present a valid overseas drivers' licence and pay a small fee. This process is quick and easy and will normally be granted on the spot. Please note that you can generally take hire cars from Upolu over to Savai'i, but cars hired on Savai'i cannot be taken to Upolu.

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Getting to Savai'i

Located just 15km from the island of Upolu, Savai'i is another popular holiday destination within Samoa. With regular ferry services running between the islands daily, getting to Savai'Ii is quick and easy. The ferry departs from the Mulifana Wharf on Upolu (just 5 minutes from the airport) and the journey takes just over an hour. Ferries depart regularly from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 6:00am and 4:00pm with reduced departures on Sunday.