Know Before You Go

Skip the stress of holiday planning and let our comprehensive guide to Samoa holidays lead you in the right direction (straight to tropical paradise). From weather forecasts, to flight information and currency queries, we've curated all your need-to-know info right here. Let us answer all your essential Samoa travel questions and help you plan your holiday with ease.

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Before You Go FAQs

Everything you need to know for planning your next Samoa adventure. From visa queries to frequently asked questions like when is the best time to visit? Find all the info here.

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Best Time To Visit Samoa

Samoa is a beautiful destination to explore all year round, however the best time to visit will depend on your individual preferences. From factors such as weather, peak seasons and prices, we've outlined the best time to visit the tropical paradise.

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Flights To Samoa

All you need to know about flying to Samoa, including essential info on major airlines, routes and holiday packages. Find your next Samoa holiday here.

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Getting To Samoa

Explore the great range of international flights available from Australia's major cities to discover how you can escape to tropical Samoa.

Samoa currency

Samoa Currency

Learn about the history the history and denominations of the Samoan Tala (ST$) in this brief guide to Samoa's official currency.


Samoa Travel Insurance

Save yourself the stress and travel with insurance. Ensuring you have the support you need in times of unexpected strife, purchase your insurance here.