Samoa Fishing

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa is a tropical archipelago consisting of two main islands (Savai'i and Upolu) and several small uninhabited islets. Renowned as an amazing holiday location, Samoa is also recognised as one of the best destinations for big game fishing. The brilliant blue waters and surrounding reefs are a playground for many impressive species of fish including, marlin, barracuda, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), yellow-fin tuna and sailfish. Combine the fantastic fishing with the pristine natural scenery and laid back lifestyle and it's easy to see why Samoa is a favourite holiday escape.


Best Fishing Spots in Samoa

Whether you're planning to taste the local angling from the shore or looking to indulge in deep sea fishing for days on end, Samoa has it all. Visitors can enjoy fishing from the shore of the lagoons, expecting to catch bonefish, giant trevally and golden trevally. Just make sure you ask for permission before casting a line, as some areas of Samoa are protected by local fishing rights.

Just five miles off the coast of Apia, the seafloor drops to 1km offering a great spot to catch marlin, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo. Samoa's fishing treasure trove is known as "Marlin Alley" and lies 10 miles off the shores of Upolu. It is a prime fishing spot that reels in Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Blue and Black Marlin all year round. Additionally, the Apolimi strait is another popular fishing spot for catching Spanish Mackerel.

For the best Samoan fishing experience, we highly recommend going out deep sea. There are many fishing charters available in Samoa that will take you off the coast to some of the country's best fishing spots. The charters will generally provide you with all fishing equipment, bait and licences, however, it is always a good idea to confirm this before you arrive.

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