Great Barrier Reef Visitor Info


Australia's currency denominations include $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 notes and 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2 coins.

Drinking Water

Water supply is excellent and tap water is safe to drink in most cases. However water from rivers and lakes should be boiled, treated or filtered before drinking to be on the safe side.


Electricity in Australia is supplied at 230/240 volts (50 hertz) however most accommodation providers have 20 watt 110 volt AC sockets for electric razors. For any other equipment you will require a power adaptor. Power outlets accept flat three or two pin plugs only.

Green Season

Without the annual rainfall of the Green Season, the tropics wouldn't be anywhere near as beautiful. These sun showers occur during the summer months and are what give the rainforest, flora and fauna their wild beauty. The rainfall doesn't affect tours or activities such as diving and snorkelling however on the odd occasion the wet season can generate low pressure zones that can develop into cyclones.

Medical Services

The closest major hospital and medical services are in Cairns where advanced and specialised medical care may be administered. The region is also home to emergency services such as fire, ambulance and police services. Most accommodation providers feature in-house doctors.

Stingers and Dangerous Creatures

During the wet season, popular swimming spots are protected by enclosures designed to keep dangerous jellyfish at bay. Staffed by qualified lifesavers, attendants are on hand to provide you with any information you need on the spot. The jellyfish only present themselves on coastal beaches during this limited season and do not interfere with tours, activities or snorkelling and diving on the reef.