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Located on the central north coast of Upolu, Apia is the capital of Samoa. While it's no big city or bustling metropolis, Apia is a popular destination that exudes a relaxed tropical ambiance. Apia is a charming colonial style town that is the centre for culture, cuisine and entertainment. An excellent region to base yourself while exploring Samoa, Apia is located just 40km from the international airport and is situated close to a range of beautiful beaches and lagoons.

Apia is a small region that offers an immersive introduction to the Samoan way of life. Boasting a range of historic attractions, Apia was founded in the 1850s and the harbour was the site for an infamous naval standoff between Germany, Britain and the U.S during WWI. The region is also home to a collection of museums, markets and marine reserves that are popular tourist attractions.


Surrounded by shops and markets Apia is also home to a range of restaurants bars and nightclubs allowing you to fully embrace the holiday relaxation. The Apia locals are famously hospitable and will make you feel at home the second you arrive.

Apia also enjoys the spectacular Palolo Deep Marine Reserve that is located just 5 minutes from the centre of town. The reserve is home to an amazing blue lagoon that is surrounded by array of vibrant coral and marine life. The reserve is the perfect spot for snorkelling, diving and swimming or just relaxing under the tropical sun. The marine reserve is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily and snorkelling gear is available to hire.

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Apia Accommodation

Offering spectacular cultural exploration and relaxed beachside settings, Apia accommodation is the perfect place to base yourself while exploring Samoa. Featuring a variety of accommodation ranging from value hotels to all-inclusive resorts, Apia accommodation provides guests with a fantastic and comfortable place to stay. With world class amenities like private pools, relaxing day spa's and beach bars, you simply can't go wrong with the variety of Apia accommodation.

Apia Holiday Packages

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Apia Holiday Packages