Special Flights

No matter where you want to go, when you want to go or how big or small your budget is, anyone trying to organise a holiday is always concerned with the types of flights available. From international travel to quick domestic getaways, flights are usually one of the largest expenses when planning a holiday, therefore they're always in high demand. There are a range of flight types to suit you and by finding the best fit for what you're looking for, you'll also benefit from the best value for money. With so many different types of flights, choosing can be difficult so we've created a list of flight types below to help make deciding that little bit easier.

Popular Flight Options

Best Flights: These flights are the ones everyone wants, that's why they're the best flights! They're cheap, direct and depart at convenient times of the day. Find out how to get them.

Domestic Flights: Quick and easy domestic flights to get you where you want to go.

Happy Hour Flights: That magical time of day when flights go on sale, get happy with these happy hour flights.

I Want That Flight: It might be cheap, it might be quick or it might be at the most convenient time but whatever's got you saying I want that flight, here's where you'll get it.

International Flights: Whether you're flying half way round the world or just popping over the ditch, this international flights offer great value.

Last Minute Airfares: A great way to benefit from heavily discounted rates, last minute airfares can save you time and money.

Last Minute Flights: Just found out your favourite rockstar is doing their only show in your country in another city, tonight!? Make the gig with these last minute flights.

Mystery Flights: Whether you're feeling adventurous or just need to get away, these mystery flights but the excitement back into taking a trip...wherever that may end up being.

One Cent Flights: You've heard of them but are they real? Find out everything you need to know about one cent flights here.

Round The World Flights: Been bitten by the travel bug, bad? These round the world flights should cure you.

Student Flights: Designed to save money for those who need it most, these student flights offer discounted rates and you don't even have to give your seat up for an adult.

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