Domestic Flights

Qantas Plane

Domestic flights within Australia are offered by a number of air carriers, the most notable of which being Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. Other carriers such as Tiger Airways offer cheap domestic flights but don't offer the same level of service comparable to the others. Domestic flights are available from most major cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin with cheap domestic flights also available from smaller airports such as the Gold Coast, Avalon and Proserpine.

Domestic flights are what are known as short haul flights, meaning their duration is generally 3-4 hours or less. Typically, you'll find cheap domestic flights as they don't include services such as in-flight meals. Domestic flights also feature different baggage allowances with checked baggage limited to none or one to two 23kg pieces depending on your fare type and carry-on baggage of only 7kg. In fact there are a number of different rules surrounding domestic flights, such as not needing your passport and later check in. Domestic flights only require passengers to arrive at the airport to check in for their flight 1 hour before the plane is due to take off.

Passengers travelling on domestic flights must still comply with all airport security procedures and are still subject to screening prior to arriving in the boarding area however they are not required to pass through customs or immigration before boarding. When a domestic flight arrives at its destination, passengers are able to disembark and head straight to baggage claim. They do not have to pass through immigration or customs at their end destination either. Passengers travelling on domestic flights are also not eligible to purchase alcohol or any other items duty free. Cheap domestic flights are often available through a number of limited time sales held by a variety of air carriers.


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