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International flights are offered all over the world by a number of airlines, including Air New Zealand, Fiji Airways, Air Vanuatu, Emirates, Hawaiian Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia. It is possible to score some cheap international flights but you have to keep an eye out for sales and be prepared to snap them up quickly when you find them. International flights are offered from most major Australia cities including Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with the number of flights being offered directly from these locations increasing each year. However there are also options available for international flights allowing you to include stop overs in other locations, allowing you to see more on your holidays.

International flights are available in both short haul and long haul options with short haul generally being cheap international flights. An example of short haul international flights include Australia to New Zealand or Fiji, whilst they are still travelling to a different country the distance is much shorter. An example of long haul international flights include Australia to the USA or UK, which is a long flight and often involves overnight travel on the flight. International flights also include in-flight meals and entertainment. International travel requires a passport and passengers are subject to airport security, immigration and customs compliance.

Depending on your fare type, cheap international flights still offer a fairly generous baggage allowance. Passengers travelling on short haul international flights are permitted 7kg of carry-on baggage and 1-2 pieces of checked baggage weighing either 23kg or 32kg, depending on your cabin class. Long haul international flights also allow 7kg of carry-on baggage but offer a more generous allowance of checked baggage, with a minimum of two pieces weighing 23kg and a maximum of 2-3 pieces weighing 32kg.

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